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  • How can I avoid Returns?

    Artfinder is committed to helping buyers own affordable art that they love, as well as helping independent artists make a living from their craft. To this end, we offer all buyers a free 14 day no

  • How do I manage my returns address?

    Once a return has been approved, you will automatically be sent an email requesting details of where you wish the artwork to be returned. However we also require you to provide this on the site in

  • My customer has advised that they received their artwork damaged - what should I do?

    We understand how disappointing it is for both you and your customer for them to receive their artwork damaged, and while the option for them to return for a refund is always there, there are also

  • Managing your Address Book

    Your Address Book in your Seller Portal contains three addresses: Your Returns Address - this is where we will ship any artwork a customer is returning. If you are in a restricted country, this will

  • I disagree with a return, what should I do?

    It may happen that you disagree with a customer’s reason for returning an artwork. So what should you do in such cases? We hope the below information will be of help! Can I refuse a return? As per

  • Everything you need to know about Artfinder Returns

    What is Artfinder’s return policy? Customers at Artfinder benefit from a free global 14 day return guarantee for their order. After receiving their parcels, customers may request a return for any of

  • Why is my order on hold - what does this mean?

    On occasion, you may notice in your Transactions section, that a payment for your order has been placed on hold. Why has my order been placed on hold? In most cases orders are placed on hold when we

  • What happens if an artwork is returned?

    Artfinder offers a FREE 14 day returns policy to all customers who are not 100% satisfied with their purchase. We take care of the collection of your artwork from the customer, and will arrange for

  • Returns FAQ

    What if I do not agree with the reason for the return? In cases where the customer has advised us of a listing discrepancy and you do not agree with their assessment, please reach out to us advising

  • Artist guide to packaging - Part 1

    Damages to artworks during transit can be a disheartening end result following a successful sale. As you cannot predict how a courier will handle your parcel, it is important to ensure your artworks

  • Artist guide to packaging - Part 2

    Make sure to check Part 1 of this article here and see below for more advice from our artists on how best to package your artworks. Large oil paintings on canvas Lilia Orlova-Holmes I use good

  • A guide to sustainable packaging

    “Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man.” - Stewart Udall Issues of sustainability are capital to us as B corp. This is why we decided to partner

  • What is the customer returns policy?

    Artfinder offers every customer a 14 day no risk money back guarantee on all orders. We will arrange the collection and return shipment of any artwork purchased through the site at no cost to either

  • My country of residence is not appearing in the seller application - International Returns - Restricted Countries

    Every once in a while, a customer will request a return for the artwork they've purchased, which we must accept. Unfortunately, however, the following countries cannot accept returned artworks and

  • What does a good application look like?

    No one likes waiting, so if you want to ensure that your application gets accepted without a second thought, it should (or shouldn't) look something like this; Page 1 Good Example ☺ Bad Example ☹

  • Do I have to arrange or pay for an Artwork to be returned?

    No! Artfinder offers a FREE 14 day returns policy, courtesy of the company. This means that we will arrange for the artwork to be picked up and delivered back to you (regardless of the customer's reas

  • Step-by-Step Guide to submitting an Artfinder Application

    IN THIS ARTICLE Section 1: About you Section 2: Returns Section 3: Your artworks Section 4: Submit for review To apply to become a seller on Artfinder, please visit

  • I'm moving to another country - what do I need to amend on my Shop?

    If your life is exciting enough that you're relocating, please let us know by contacting Artfinder support directly at, they will advise you on how to proceed. Once this request

  • Refunds & Reimbursements

    Do I have to pay for an artwork to be returned back to me? No! Artfinder offers a FREE 14 day returns policy, courtesy of the company. This means that we will arrange for the artwork to be picked up

  • How can I encourage customers who have my artwork in their shopping basket?

    We understand it can be frustrating when a customer keeps an artwork in their basket for an extended period of time without purchasing. This is why, wherever allowed by customer's email preferences,

  • What are the packaging and delivery guidelines?

    Prints Lower value prints can be shipped rolled in a tube: Use a sturdy mailing tube over 2mm thick and a few inches longer than the width of your poster to avoid denting or damage in transit. Your ma

  • Why was my application rejected?

    Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications we receive, we have a higher rate of applications that are unsuccessful, roughly 75%.` There are two quality factors that determine our decision

  • How we spend your commission

    In the interest of the transparency we feel that you deserve, we thought that it was important to share with you where our money goes. You might be interested to know that the vast proportion of our

  • Packaging and Delivery Guidelines

    Packaging and Delivery Guidelines Prints Lower value prints can be: Rolled in a tube Use a sturdy mailing tube over 2mm thick and a few inches longer than the width of your poster to avoid denting or

  • How much does it cost to sell on Artfinder?

    It is 100% free to sign up and display your artworks on Artfinder! Commission We deduct a 35% or 42% commission * every time an artwork is purchased through the site. This covers the cost of running

  • Seller Terms and Conditions

    Valid from 30 January 2019. Previous versions available on request. 1.OVERVIEW 1.1. What are these Terms about? These terms and conditions, together with the policies expressly referred to within

  • Just been approved? See our guide to getting set-up

    Welcome to Artfinder! You're just a few steps away from showcasing your artworks alongside our international community of independent galleries and artists! Manage your shop on Artfinder To get

  • Recouping funds for incorrectly paid orders

    When will payments need to be recouped from artists? In the event that an artwork is lost in transit and you have been paid for the order prior to the customer reaching out to advise of this, we will

  • German Packaging Act - Everything you need to know

    The German Packaging Act, which aims to tackle waste by asking businesses or individual sellers shipping to Germany for a contribution to the country’s recycling effort, was already in existence

  • Approved Seller - Frequently Asked Questions

    Welcome to Artfinder! The team is delighted that you are joining our community of artists selling on our platform, and we look forward to working with you! Joining a new platform can be daunting at

  • ‘Ready to hang’ badge - when should I use it?

    Shipping your artwork ‘Ready to hang’ can be a great incentive for purchase, as many customers will prefer this option. Incorrectly labelling an artwork as ‘Ready to hang’ can lead to order returns,

  • Shipping FAQ

    When you mark orders as shipped and provide relevant tracking information (tracking number, courier and ETA), your customer will receive an automated email to advise them of the shipment and ETA of

  • Some extra-mile advice for packaging?

    Congratulations! You've made that all-important sale and now you're faced with packaging your artworks for delivery. To avoid damage in transit (and ultimately  to avoid returns), you will want to ens

  • Artist Terms and Conditions for Commissions

    Terms for Artists By accepting to complete a commissioned order, the artist agrees to the following terms and conditions for sellers, in accordance with the Artfinder Seller Terms and Conditions. Arti

  • What should I do to comply with Brexit regulations?

    The United Kingdom has now left the European Union and the transition period binding the UK to the EU rules ended at 11pm on 31st December 2020. We have created this article to help sellers based in

  • Guide to Shipping Documentation

    As you know, all artists on Artfinder are responsible for the shipping and handling of their orders. This means you will need to research suitable courier options and prices for you to create the

  • Introduction to Flags

    Our curatorial team routinely reviews and adds flags to shops or individual artworks as a way to help artists maximise their listings. Recently we have been dedicating more time to this as a way to