I'm moving to another country - what do I need to amend on my Shop?

If your life is exciting enough that you're relocating, please let us know by contacting Artfinder support directly at sellers@artfinder.com, they will advise you on how to proceed.

Once this request has been actioned, we require you to amend the following details on your shop to reflect your change of address:

  • Your Returns and Billing Address
  • Your Shipping Profiles (so that prices reflect shipment from a different country)
  • Country/location of your shop - email us at support@artfinder.com so that we can update the location of your shop shown on your storefront
  • Your Location map - this information is taken from the Profile tab of your Seller's Portal so please do update it here:

Follow the links above to find out how to change these details!

N.B. If you wish to change the currency and the country of your shop, you will need to get in touch with Artfinder on support@artfinder.com.

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