How we spend your commission

In the interest of the transparency we feel that you deserve, we thought that it was important to share with you where our money goes. You might be interested to know that the vast proportion of our spending goes on getting ourselves and our artists as much exposure as possible. Investing as much as we can back into marketing and product development ensures that we can continue to provide the best platform to sell art globally.

Here are just some examples of what we are doing:

  • extensive pay-per-click marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, affiliate schemes, online and offline press 
  • buyer discounts 
  • special offers - like free worldwide shipping (also covered by Artfinder) 
  • interest free credit in the US and UK (Artfinder covers interest, insurance and admin costs for all financing) 
  • free returns, buyer and seller protection scheme 
  • popup exhibitions, events, merchandising and much more 

We have some exciting plans for future development of our site and services and we believe our investments will continue to be of good value for all our sellers.

*We also have the backing from our generous investors who have helped companies like Spotify and Dropbox in the past.

We're sure you're not interested in the amount we spend on cups of tea and pens but here's a breakdown of what we spend on YOU!

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