Approved Seller - Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Artfinder! The team is delighted that you are joining our community of artists selling on our platform, and we look forward to working with you!
Joining a new platform can be daunting at first, so we have compiled a series of FAQs to help you with your first steps as a seller on Artfinder. 

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to reach out to and one of our lovely Customer Care Agents will be delighted to assist you.


  • How do I access my Seller Portal and dashboard?

Kindly note that your User Account also acts as your Seller Account, so in order to access your Seller Portal and Dashboard, you will need to first Login to your Artfinder User Account.

Once logged in, click on the dashboard icon on the top menu of the page. This will then take you to your Seller’s Portal and Dashboard.

  • Why am I not able to upload or save my artwork images?

If you experience issues with uploading or saving your artwork images, this is likely linked to the image resolution not being high enough. At this stage, the minimum required resolution is 1200 pixels. This will allow you to display your images in high-quality, without image degradation or upscaling. Kindly note that high resolution images may take up to 6 hour to show on site once they have been uploaded.For more information please refer to our Knowledge Base article: What are the image file requirements?

  • What is a full frontal image and how do I format it?

A full frontal image will be the main view of your artwork on your listing. It is important that the photo displays the full image size, with no frame or wall space behind as this will be a requirement for you to publish the listing. Kindly note that you will also need to add an image inclusive of the frame if the artwork is sold framed, but without showing any wall around it or cropping the artwork itself. For an example of a good full frontal photo, please check our article here.

  • I have just sold my first artwork, when will I be paid?

You will be paid for each order you make, once the order is delivered to the customer and the 14 day return guarantee has elapsed. Your payment is then processed on the next available payment run, based on the date the order was placed. You can also access this information on your order page, as highlighted in our article here. To access our full Payment Schedule, please click here

  • Do I need to select a paid Seller plan?

You do not need to select a paid Seller Plan when you join Artfinder as a seller, as you will automatically be subscribed to our Starter Plan, which is free of charge. You will then be able to select if you want to stay on Starter or subscribe to our Standard (£4* / €5* / $5) or Professional (£10* / €12* /$12) Plans instead, depending on your needs. Each plan will be tied to a commission amount taken by Artfinder and will give you access to various benefits, for which you can see the full list here. You will be able to select a Seller Plan once your shop is published.

  • My artwork won’t save because of a website link in description but there is no link?

This is linked to spaces missing after a punctuation, which our system reads as a website link. Please ensure that every hyphen "-" and slash "/" has a space on either side, and every full stop/period "." has a space after it. Our system will then stop picking this up as a link and you will be able to save your changes.

  • My artwork won’t save as the Category is not selected, how do I do it? 

Under the heading 'What are you selling' please select which type of art do you wish to sell and then sub-category need be.

  • I am not receiving your emails anymore

This likely comes from one or more of our emails to you having been blacklisted by your email provider after being flagged as spam. Please make sure that all of Artfinder's email addresses below are marked as 'safe' and whitelisted in your inbox:,,  Doing so will ensure you receive all emails from us, including order confirmations, cancellations and review notifications.

  • Why was my order discounted?

When you join Artfinder you must agree to our terms and conditions, and by agreeing to these terms you give us the permission to offer discounts to customers in order to increase chances of securing you a sale. Since most other mainstream art selling platform include similar provisions it is wise to factor the possibility of a maximum 15% discount into your pricing on all sites (not just Artfinder). We are sorry, but we are unable to offer an opt out from this point of our terms. You can read an update from our CEO regarding the use of discount by Artfinder here.

  • Will I have to ship my artworks myself?

Artists on Artfinder are responsible for setting up shipping prices on their listings and shipping their orders for their customers. For artworks being shipped internationally, we advise that, when possible, you select a service which supports sending packages Delivery Duty Paid, and this option should be selected to ensure that all duty and import tax is billed back to the sender. We also recommend you use tracked and signed options for shipping whenever possible for peace of mind on both sides of the transaction. If you are unsure about how to set up a shipping table or which courier to chose, we have created a handy step-by-step guide which you can find here.

  • A customer requested a return for my order, do I have to accept?

Artfinder offers a FREE 14 day returns policy to all customers who are not 100% satisfied with their purchase. This can be requested for the following reasons: The customer changed their mind, The artwork is not as per represented in the listing, The artwork arrived damaged or much later than originally estimated. Kindly note that you must honour return requests for all your customers, however some artworks will not be subject to return, such as commissioned artworks. Returns are booked and organised at Artfinder's cost, and you can read more about the topic on our Knowledge Base Articles here. Kindly note that you will not receive payment for an artwork until the 14 day return guarantee has elapsed.

  • My order is lost in transit, what do I do?

If your order has not arrived by the estimated delivery date you set out for it, we have to wait 30 days past this ETA in order to declare the order lost in transit. If there is no courier update past that date and the customer requests a refund, we have a legal obligation to process this for them. In such instances where the order would be delivered after it has been refunded, we would contact the customer to organise either a repayment or return for the artwork to get back to you. Refunds are usually a last resort however, and there are plenty other solutions you can provide to your customers in order to allow them to wait a little longer for their order to arrive. This has been detailed by our Customer Care Team on our Forum Post here.

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