My customer has advised that they received their artwork damaged - what should I do?

We understand how disappointing it is for both you and your customer for them to receive their artwork damaged, and while the option for them to return for a refund is always there, there are also some other options which you are able to offer the customer in order to save the sale. 

What are the alternatives to a refund? 

We always encourage customers to get in touch with the artist straight away as the following options may be possible:

  • Repairing the artwork. If the damage is something you think you are able to repair, then you are able to offer this to the customer. We will arrange the return of the artwork to you courtesy of Artfinder, and you are able to repair it, and once the customer has confirmed they are happy with the repair, you are able to reship the artwork to them.
  • Reimbursement of the repair costs. If you are unable to repair the artwork yourself but the customer is able to take this to a specialist to repair it for them, they may wish to simply receive the cost of repair. In these cases, we are able to partially refund the customer from the order.
  • A replacement. For certain artworks, such as prints, you may be able to offer the customer a replacement. We would proceed with a return as normal, but instead of refunding the customer, you would send them a replacement. You may also wish to offer the customer a commissioned piece in lieu of the damaged artwork if it's beyond repair and claim compensation from the courier in the meantime.

Whichever option you and the customer agree on, please do get in touch with us and let us know, so that we can assist with ensuring that everything goes smoothly.

Please be assured that these options are not mandatory, and if the best option is for the customer to return the damaged artwork to you and receive a refund, then that is also a suitable resolution.

Claim compensation with the courier

When damage has occurred in transit, we encourage you to claim with your courier. The ability to do this will depend on the courier service you have used, and any relevant insurance etc. We will always ask the customer to provide as much information as they can (pictures of the artwork and packaging etc.), and we are also happy to provide you with any transactional information you may need.

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