Recouping funds for incorrectly paid orders

When will payments need to be recouped from artists?

In the event that an artwork is lost in transit and you have been paid for the order prior to the customer reaching out to advise of this, we will need to recoup the funds paid to you. This enables us to refund the customer in full for the order that they have not received 30 days past ETA, for more information please see here.

What happens after my customer is refunded?

We would advise you to get in touch with the courier/postal service you nominated for the shipment to start an official investigation and claim insurance on the lost in transit items. We would also ask that you update us with the outcome of this compensation claim with the courier as if it has been declined (for example, the customer alerted us past the date in which you can claim). We would then ask you to provide evidence of the rejected claim and also the shipment receipt and details to confirm the artwork was indeed sent to the correct address. From this, we would be able to investigate further into what we are able to do for you.

How will you recoup the funds from the order?

The recoupment of the funds will either be in the form of a Paypal invoice of the amount you were paid on your statement for the order in question sent to your nominated email address. Alternatively, if you have currently live orders it will be deducted from your next statement during the payment run.

What if the artwork eventually arrives after the customer is refunded?

In the event that the artwork is delivered to the customer after the refund has been made, we would discuss options with the customer such as re-debiting the payment or arranging a return. If the customer would like to keep the artwork, we will send them across a Paypal invoice to pay for the order once again and reimburse you on your statement in the next subsequent payment run. If the customer no longer wishes to keep the artwork, they are able to return it within the 14 day Returns Policy from the date in which they received the order.

How will I know if the order is eventually delivered?

We advise artists to monitor the tracking of lost in transit orders in case there is an update or confirmation of delivery. If so, we advise you to get in touch with our team to make contact with the customer. Our team also weekly monitors all of our orders which have been marked as lost in transit, in order to reach out to the customer should the tracking display a delivery. In the event that it is successfully delivered, we will reach out to advise you of this.

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