Artist Terms and Conditions for Commissions

Terms for Artists

By accepting to complete a commissioned order, the artist agrees to the following terms and conditions for sellers, in accordance with the Artfinder Seller Terms and Conditions.

  1. Artist’s obligation
    1. The artist (also referred to as the “seller”) will respond to all enquiries from a customer in a timely, professional and cooperative manner.
    2. The artist will use Artfinder’s messaging system for all communication with the customer regarding the commission.
    3. The artist will agree a “brief” with the customer, including a timeline, a scope and set a final price for artwork and shipping, before commencing the commission. When setting the commissioned artwork price the artist shall take into account Artfinder’s fees in accordance with Commission and Fees Policy.
    4. The artist will notify the Artfinder team of the agreed arrangement, from which point the final price will be fixed unless a change is agreed with the customer. The artist will outline to the customer how they intend to send the artwork; e.g. framed/stretched/rolled in a tube.
    5. The artist will agree a fixed amount for the deposit in accordance with a percentage of the cost of the artwork (typically 30%) which will be held by Artfinder until the artwork is delivered to the customer. The deposit amount will not be changed once the transaction is underway unless expressly agreed between the artist and the customer.
    6. The artist will commence with the commission once an Artfinder team member has confirmed receipt of the customer’s deposit. The artist will, to the best of their ability, carry out the commission according to the agreed brief and send regular progress updates to the customer.
    7. If a print or photograph is commissioned, the artist hereby agrees not to sell it  as a limited edition. Only one copy can be produced. If any form of artwork, other than a print or photograph (such as a painting, sculpture or relief) is commissioned, no author’s copies can be made without the express consent of the customer. The artist will follow the guidelines and specifications outlined by the Artfinder team, with regard to commissions and best practice.
    8. Please note, the artist is under no obligation to proceed with the commission if they do not wish to be bound by these terms. The artist will be contractually bound to fulfil the custom artwork order once they agree to accept the order and the customer has paid the deposit.
  2. Artfinder’s obligation
    1. Artfinder (“we”) act as artist’s agent for the commissioned artwork order.
    2. We will work together with the artist (the seller) and the customer (the buyer) to ensure the financial aspect of the commission is carried out in a smooth and timely manner. We will send to the artist a written confirmation upon receipt of the deposit amount, as agreed between the parties.
    3. We will liaise between the artist and the customer as and when it is appropriate, at the request of either the artist or the customer, throughout the course of the transaction. We will put through the order manually, on behalf of the customer, when we have collected the funds for the outstanding balance.
    4. The payment for the commission will be sent to the artist via their selected payment method in accordance with the Payment Schedule. Artfinder will deduct fees and applicable taxes as specified in the Commission and Fees Policy. The payment will be made in the payment run following the artwork’s confirmed delivery to the customer in satisfactory condition. Artfinder requires up to 4 days for admin and processing, so a payment may fall into a subsequent payment run in some cases.
  3. Returns & Disputes
    1. The artist is under no obligation to accept a return for a commissioned artwork, except in the event that the artwork reaches the customer damaged.
    2. If there is a dispute between the artist and the customer, regarding the final product meeting the agreed criteria, we will offer assistance on a case-by-case basis.
    3. The artist is under no obligation to create a second commission if the customer is dissatisfied with the first. However should the artist decide to create a replacement artwork, Artfinder will not collect another deposit unless otherwise agreed.
    4. Artfinder reserves the right to refund the customer should there be a clear and significant diversion from the brief or the timeline agreed with the customer, or if insufficient progress updates were provided by the artist to the customer via the Artfinder messaging system.
    5. The final resolution for any and all disputes will be taken by Artfinder and must be accepted by both parties.

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