Managing your Address Book

Your Address Book in your Seller Portal contains three addresses:

  • Your Returns Address - this is where we will ship any artwork a customer is returning. If you are in a restricted country, this will need to be an address in a country that is not restricted.
  • Your Shipping Origin Address* - this is the address that indicates where you are located and shipping from.
  • Your Billing Address - this is the address your bank details/payment details are registered to, and where your tax residency is.

We advise periodically reviewing your Address Book, and ensuring that all three of your listed addresses are correct and up to date. Failure to do so can result in issues with returns, outbound shipments and payments.

*Sellers are unable to change their selling country themselves. This is an action that needs to be performed by Artfinder. If you are not located in the country indicated on your storefront, please contact our Support & Operations Team at and they will provide assistance.

How can I amend my address?

To amend any of your addresses:

  • Log in to your Artfinder account, and click the Dashboard icon in the top right hand corner of your screen. 
  • On your Seller Portal, go to the 'Settings' tab
  • Click the relevant address you need to amend
  • Input your preferred address into the box provided. Please include the Postal or ZIP code and Country.
  • Hit the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page

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