Step-by-Step Guide to submitting an Artfinder Application


Section 1: About you

Section 2: Returns

Section 3: Your artworks

Section 4: Submit for review

To apply to become a seller on Artfinder, please visit

Section 1: About You 

NOTE*: Selecting No to all three questions, will not allow you to proceed with the application. We encourage you to find out whether selling on Artfinder is right for you by checking out following Knowledge Base article - Are there any restrictions on what can be sold?  

When completing the rest of this section, you will notice that certain headings contain an asterisk (*). This means that these fields are mandatory, and must be filled in before proceeding to the next section.

Shipping and currency

From the following drop-down menus, please select your country and currency:

1. Where will you be shipping your artworks from?   

2. Your preferred selling currency? 

NOTE*: As it stands, we only offer the following selling currencies: USD ($), EUR (£) and GBP (£).

For more information on shipping your artworks and our payment schedule, please check out the following sections in our Knowledge Base:

Shipping:  Features & Settings

Payments:  Your Transactions

Your online presence

We require a personal website representing your work and/or Instagram or Facebook page with a clear focus on your art that demonstrates your dedication to your art. All examples should demonstrate the ability for customers to purchase your art and contact you. As artists are responsible for fulfilling orders themselves on Artfinder, we need to trust your prior experience of shipping internationally.

When submitting your social media or website, please be sure to copy and paste it directly from the navigation bar. Just typing it in may not work.

Tell us more

In other words, what's your story? What drives your creativity?

Please be as detailed as possible about your passions, practice and technique! We love the fact that each and every one of our artists is an individual, with a personality! So show it off! Artists on Artfinder are responsible for setting up their listings and managing their shops, and that any associated text, along with any communication to customers, needs to be in English, as you will be reaching out to an international audience. Therefore, you must submit your application in English to avoid any miscommunications/translation issues during your review process.

We require a minimum of 50 words but we love to see a really thorough section here.

Take a look at this article for some ideas, if inspiration fails you -  What do you want to know about me?

Section 2: Returns

As uncommon as they are, we are legally obligated to offer our customer a return option, regardless of the reason.

We need to know that we will be able to get your artwork back to you in the case that a return is requested but unfortunately, there are some places that do not currently allow for artwork returns to enter back into the country.

If your country does not appear in the drop-down menu, it might be one of our Restricted Countries, in which case, you will need to provide an alternative Returns Address from a country that is not on the list, maybe that of a friend or family member.

Section 3: Your artworks

Since your Artfinder Shop will be managed by you, quality photography will show us that you are committed to a professional, and well-managed shop.

When photographing your artworks, please consider taking full-frontal cropped images of your artwork, and the images must not have watermarks. We have some helpful tips in following Knowledge Base article:  How should I photograph my artworks?

To upload your artwork images to your application: 

1. Select the small grey button with the '+' sign in the bottom left corner.

2. Click the artwork icon to upload an image.

3. Enter the details of your artwork:  Title, Medium, Price.

- Check out our  Category Tree for a guide to the Mediums we already have on the site

- If you're unsure how to price your artwork, take a look at this guide

- Do not use characters other than numbers (e.g. ',' or '.') in the price section 

3. If the artwork is one-of-a-kind, check the box that reads: 'Unique artwork'

NOTE*: Under Medium we would like to know the materials and/or the techniques used, as well as the dimensions of your artworks if possible. 

Important notice for Limited Edition Fine Art Prints: Please note that if you decide to apply to sell limited edition Fine Art Prints, you will be able to do so once your application has been approved. However, you will be required to apply with your original artworks for the application purposes. Kindly note that if you apply with photos of the prints only, your application may be rejected.

Once you have uploaded your artwork images, you will be able to drag your images to reorder them however you see fit.  

Section 4: Submit for review

Please read through our Terms and Conditions for sellers. 

If you're happy with our terms, please check the box that reads: I have read and agree with Artfinder's Terms and Conditions for Sellers* 

Finally, click the red button that reads: Submit for Review

For a final checklist, take a look through this article - What does a good application look like?

How long does it take to review my application? 

Due to a high volume of applications received, our current review waiting time is 8 to 10 weeks

Our Compliance team will be in touch to perform KYC checks prior to approval to comply with legal requirements under UK legislation.

Please note once your application is reviewed you will be notified – regardless of the outcome. Look out for a message from (please make sure to add it to your contacts / safe senders; and/or check your spam folder from time to time in case it ends up there).

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