‘Ready to hang’ badge - when should I use it?

Shipping your artwork ‘Ready to hang’ can be a great incentive for purchase, as many customers will prefer this option. Incorrectly labelling an artwork as ‘Ready to hang’ can lead to order returns, so it is important to understand how to correctly use this badge. 

So what does it mean and which artworks qualify to be marked as ‘Ready to hang’? 

What does ‘Ready to hang’ mean? 

‘Ready to hang’ usually refers to framed artworks or stretched canvases that don't need frames. The artwork should therefore have a solution to be hung either directly from the canvas or if the frame has a hanging device. In essence, it means that the customer will be able to take the artwork straight out of the packaging and put it on the wall.  

For example, artworks on canvas are described as 'Ready to hang' when they are framed, or when they are 'gallery wrapped', i.e. the painted image continues around the sides, top and bottom, or the canvas has neat edges. This more contemporary style of presentation is not meant to have the addition of a frame and, as long as the customer has a couple of nails on their wall, they can put it straight up there without stretching or framing, because it is already stretched and doesn´t require framing.

Artworks on paper, such as watercolours, are not ‘Ready to hang’ unless they are shipped with a frame. 

A checklist of artworks qualifying as ‘Ready to hang’

  • All framed works with hanging fixings
  • Framed works on paper with hanging fixings
  • Stretched canvas with finished edges (plain or painted) 
  • Relief sculptures with hanging fixings
  • Photography or digital prints printed directly on aluminium dibond with hanging fixings

How should ‘Ready to hang’ artworks be shipped?

"Ready to hang" artworks cannot be shipped rolled in a tube as this would require re-stretching. So they can be shipped in a cardboard box, in a reinforced envelope or in a crate.

Does ‘Ready to hang’ mean framed? 

‘Ready to hang’ could refer to both framed and unframed artworks.

If an artwork is marked as ‘Ready to hang’, it does not automatically mean the artwork is framed (ex: canvases where all four edges have been painted, neat or continuing the artwork).

It is important to ensure your customers are clear on what will come in the parcel. If you mark an artwork as ‘Ready to hang” but the artwork is not framed, the listing will not show framed dimensions. However, we advise to also make this clear in the artwork description, as some customers presume the badge means the artwork will come with a frame.

Below is an example of what a listing looks like for a non-framed ‘Ready to hang’ artwork:

How do I mark my artwork as Ready to hang?

When you add a new listing to your shop, scroll down to the badges section at the bottom of the first page and select the ‘Ready to hang’ box. 

How will customers see that my artwork is shipped ready to hang? 

Under filters in the search section, customers are able to select ‘Framed and Ready to hang’ as shown below: 

On the quick view of the listing it will be shown under the dimensions: 

On the full details view of the listing it will be shown below the dimensions also:

We hope this will help bring clarity to this function and if you have any further questions, please contact either support@artfinder.com, community@artfinder.com or come chat with our community on the Artfinder forum!

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