Why was my application rejected?

Unfortunately, a number of applications to sell on Artfinder are unsuccessful, and too often it's not because of the quality of the art. Some of the most common reasons for unsuccessful applications are:

  • The artist description is left blank or says little about you and your art. It may not explain why you create, how you create or how long you’ve created for. We'd love more insight about your craft, especially your technique and why you've chosen to create in this medium.
  • The submitted artworks are badly photographed. We require application images to be front-on, straight and clear. You might find the article, 'How Should I Photograph My Artworks?' useful.
  • Great artworks are overshadowed by one or more works that are not as strong. We need to see that you understand that it's about quality, not quantity. Bad quality work detracts from your good work. 
  • There was a price discrepancy between other sites
  • Your returns address was incorrect. If your country of residence is not appearing in the seller application, please check if it is considered restricted in terms of the international returns policy.
  • We were unable to verify your government-approved photo ID image or an image of you holding your ID with the photo page open.
  • There may be little or no evidence that you have experience showcasing your art online. We require some evidence of the online presence in your application, with ideally a personal website representing your work and the ability to purchase and contact you. As artists are responsible for fulfilling their orders themselves, we need to trust their prior experience of shipping internationally.
  • We do not accept artists under the age of 18 years old.

Please note: we do not allow more than one application per artist. If you are interested in reapplying, please do so in 6 months time from the date your application was reviewed. 

When you are ready to reapply in 6 months time, please drop us a note at sellers@artfinder.com and we will refresh your application status. 

Due to the high volume of applications, our Reviews Team is unable to provide individual feedback, unless you opt-in for Fast Track. The Fast Track feature guarantees that the application will be reviewed within 2 working days Mon-Fri, and if rejected, the artist will be provided with feedback.

Kindly note that the Fast Track feature does not guarantee approval and the Fast Track fee is not refundable.

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