Why was my application rejected?

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications we receive, we have a higher rate of applications that are unsuccessful, roughly 75%.`

There are two quality factors that determine our decision to either accept or reject an application: Practical Quality (as per our step-by-step guide and additional reasons highlighted below) and Artistic Quality (as per our Artistic Quality Guidelines). 

Some of the most common reasons for unsuccessful applications are:

  • Our reviews team may feel the work isn't the right fit for our customers and is no reflection on the quality of the work.
  • Great artworks are overshadowed by one or more works that are not as strong. It is essential that artists consistently demonstrate accomplished technique and good production.
  • You applied with items that are restricted on the site. We only accept original fine art. 
  • Your returns address was incorrect. If your country of residence is not appearing in the seller application, it may be considered restricted in terms of the international returns policy.
  • We were unable to verify your proof of identity. 
  • You have not provided examples of online presence and evidence that you have experience showcasing your art online. We require a personal website representing your work and/or instagram or facebook page focused on your art. All three examples should demonstrate the ability to purchase your art and contact you. As artists are responsible for fulfilling orders themselves on Artfinder, we need to trust your prior experience of shipping internationally. 
  • You did not provide evidence that you have permission to use the images you have reproduced. Artfinder's focus is on original artwork and we, therefore, take matters of copyright infringement very seriously. 
  • We do not allow work that is a direct copy of another artist's work.
  • The artist description is left blank or says little about you and your art. It may not explain why you create, how you create or how long you’ve created for. We'd also love to hear about any career highlights, including; education achievements or exhibitions. 
  • The submitted artworks are badly photographed. The images may be out of focus, blurred, murky or distorted. They may include watermarks, background, mounts or frames. Or they may not be photographed front-on, straight or clearly. You might find the article, ''How Should I Photograph My Artworks?' useful.
  • You applied with prints only. Please note that if you decide to apply to sell limited edition Fine Art Prints, you will be able to do so once your application has been approved. However, you will be required to apply with your original artworks for the application purposes. 
  • There was a price discrepancy between other sites, either other platforms or your own website. 
  • The artwork prices presented are below our minimum threshold of £20/€20/$20 or priced above our maximum threshold of £50,000.
  • We do not accept artists under the age of 18 years old.
  • You did not submit your application in English. Artists are responsible for setting up their listings and managing their shops, and that any associated text, along with any communication to customers, needs to be in English, as you will be reaching out to an international audience. It also avoids any miscommunications or translation issues during your review process.

Please note: we do not allow more than one application per artist and we allow one application per artist every 6 months. If you are interested in reapplying, please do so in 6 months time from the date your application was reviewed. 

When you are ready to reapply in 6 months time, please drop us a note at sellers@artfinder.com, and we will refresh your application status. 

Due to a high volume of applications received, our current review waiting time is 8 to 10 weeks.

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