German Packaging Act - Everything you need to know

The German Packaging Act, which aims to tackle waste by asking businesses or individual sellers shipping to Germany for a contribution to the country’s recycling effort, was already in existence before but started being implemented more firmly as of 1st July 2022. We have now researched this in detail and can confirm this will apply to any marketplace sellers shipping to Germany, i.e will affect sellers on Artfinder. Please find a summary of our findings below:

What is the German Packaging Act?

Every company or retail seller that puts packaging in the German market into circulation with its products has a responsibility to participate in their recycling and is therefore affected by the German Packaging Act (VerpackG).

Therefore, If you are located outside Germany and sell products via a marketplace to German-end consumers, you are affected by the new packaging regulation and are responsible for the participation (ie. obtaining a licence) of the following packaging:

  1. Product packaging including all components
  2. Shipping packaging including all filling materials and packaging aids

What do I need to do to comply?

As a marketplace trader, you will have to provide proof of licensing and registration in the German system called **LUCID** in order to be able to continue selling via marketplaces to Germany. Kindly note that if you fail to do so, you may be fined, and your shipment may be delayed or returned.

You are able to calculate your annual packaging volumes based on packaging materials used for Artfinder and other marketplaces and platforms shipments going to Germany on this link and register for LUCID here.  

Please find here more information on Explanatory film on first-time registration with the LUCID Packaging Register.

What happens if I do not comply?

From the information available, we expect possible long delays at customs (which we can see are already happening, however whether it relates to this new implementation is still unsure), returns to sender, and fines (the fines mentioned can be up to €200,000 for failing to register and €10,000 for any missed declarations, but this would apply to companies not individuals. In any case, fines are definitely a possibility).

What about other countries?

The information we are sharing here only relates to Germany. Artists have also shared this useful guide which lists all current packaging requirements for EU countries


It is entirely up to you to register for LUCID or not, as we understand if you do not regularly sell to Germany you may not wish to cover the cost of the licence. If you do not wish to ship to Germany for the time being or as a result, please modify your shipping destinations by going to your portal and clicking on Settings > Shipping Prices.

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