How much will I be paid?

It is free to display your works on Artfinder. However, we charge commission at 40% or 45% on sales made through the Artfinder platform, depending on the Seller Plan you have subscribed to.

The following commission and fees are charged when you sell an artwork on Artfinder:

  • Commission, at 40% or 45% of the total artwork retail value, as set by you. This is not applied to the shipping charge for the order, which is passed on to you in full in order to cover your costs.
  • UK VAT at the rate of 20% of the value of commission if you are based in the UK. Only if applicable as per How do taxes (VAT) work for Sellers? If you are VAT registered you will be able to reclaim this charge on your VAT return.

Below is an example based on an artwork valued at £100.00 and shipping costs of £10.00:

Transaction details Not subject to UK VAT  UK VAT Subject to UK VAT
Artwork 100.00 - 100.00
Shipping    10.00 -   10.00
40.00% commission on the sale of Artwork   -40.00 -8  -48
Total payments 110.00 - 110.00
Total refunds     0.00 -     0.00
Total commission  -40.00 -8  -48

Balance to be paid




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