Artwork commissions: step-by-step guide

How will customers know I offer artwork commissions? 

You will need to opt into this feature. To do this, please tick the box beside 'Accepts commissions' in your Seller Portal > Settings > Features

Customers will then be able to see a yellow button on your storefront, like this:

How do customers request a commission?

Customers can click the above button on your storefront and will be prompted to fill out certain criteria as follows:

A notification will then be sent to your Artfinder inbox with the customer's request as shown below: 

Before you can see the customer's proposal, simply accept our Terms and Conditions and the customer's request will be revealed.

Working out the details! 

You will now be able to see all the details proposed by the customer and you will be able to reply. We recommend that you establish the following criteria:

  • Deposit amount (either 30, 40 or 50 per cent)
  • Full price & currency
  • Time frame
  • How it will be packaged
  • Shipping cost and time

Sending a Commission proposal

When you are ready, you may send the customer a commission proposal by clicking on the red button: 

Once you hit the 'Create commission proposal' button, it will take you to this page:

Simply fill in the relevant details and hit the send button! 

Currency Note

You are able to create a proposal in your or in the customer's currency depending on your agreement. If the proposal is in your currency and it's different from the customer's currency (i.e. you are based in France and your shop is in EUR and your customer is in the UK and will therefore pay in GBP), the amount they see in their basket will be converted to the currency of their account. Kindly note that we use European Central Bank’s daily exchange rate to convert prices between USD, AUD, CAD, GBP and EUR which is a “live rate” that gets updated daily.

If your customer agrees to the proposed amount in your currency, it's important to understand that the final amount they pay in their currency may change due to exchange rate changes that do not depend on us. 

Proposal accepted - what next?

Once the customer has accepted the proposal, the deposit will automatically be placed in their basket awaiting payment. 

Please note: Be careful as the details you put in this form cannot be changed after the customer pays the deposit. 

A notification under Transactions > Deposits will appear once the deposit has been taken so you can get cracking: 

I've completed the artwork - what next?

Please do not ship the artwork until the final payment has been taken. 

Once that you have completed the artwork, return to the commission request in your Inbox and click on the red button 'Complete Commission' at the top right corner of the page: 

You will then be required to create a listing for the artwork as usual. When you click on 'Publish now', the artwork will be automatically placed in the customer's basket. 

Please note that by clicking 'Publish now' the listing will not appear on your storefront. If you would like to show the artwork commission on your storefront, please add this as a new artwork as usual and mark it as sold.

After the payment has been taken, the order details (including the customer's address) will appear as usual under 'Orders'. Don't forget to mark the final order as shipped to ensure you receive the payment! 

Kindly note that you shall receive the payments for both the deposit and the remaining funds in the designated payment run. 

The deposit and the final amount paid by the customer will always appear in your Seller Portal under two different orders.

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