When will I be paid?

To find out the date you are due to be paid for each order:

  1. Click the Dashboard icon at the top of www.artfinder.com
  2. Select the Transactions tab
  3. Click the subsequent Orders tab
  4. Click View details next to the relevant order
  5. Scroll down to the section that reads 'When will I get paid'?

Here you will see the estimated date that you will be paid for the transaction.

Why haven't I received my funds in the payrun as per the date stated at the bottom of the order page in the section 'When will I get paid?'? 

When the return period expires exactly on the cut off date for the payrun (Tuesday on the payrun week), the order may qualify for the next payrun and not the one quoted on the order page. Please note that for a complete order to be paid in a particular week, it needs to have the return period expired before Tuesday in the payrun week. 

What does it mean if instead of payment dates I see that my order is on hold?

See Why is my order on hold - what does this mean? for information.

NOTE: Payment dates for pending transactions may change depending on the dispatch date and ETA date of the order.

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