What can I do to ensure that my payment for orders is released on time?

Payments for artists' sales on Artfinder are transferred to sellers' accounts every week. For every order on Artfinder before releasing the funds to artists, we need to confirm the delivery of the order. 

 Here are the things you can do in preparation for the next payment run. To ensure that payments are made on time, we invite you to follow the checklist below:

  1. Mark orders as shipped as soon as they are picked up by the courier. For more information please check our Knowledge Base article on the topic, which you can find here: How do I mark my order as shipped?.
  2. Enter correct tracking details when you mark orders as shipped, showing the reference & the courier. This will allow your customer, yourself and us to see updates of the tracking with Aftership, our integrated tracking tool. Note: tracking details cannot be amended once saved (please contact the team at sellers@artfinder.com if you need to do so).
  3. Monitor the tracking for your active orders and notify your customers and Artfinder team when orders are near or past ETA but have not yet reached the destination or of any delivery exceptions. Please refer to our policy, which you can find here if you think your order is delayed or might be lost: I think the customer's order has been lost - what happens next?.
  4. Notify our team by Wednesday on a payrun week when an order which is currently on hold has been delivered. 
  5. Contact the courier for further information if they are no updates on the tracking. You may need to start an official investigation and inform the customer of the deadline for resolution. We will place the order on hold if it's past ETA which means it will not be included in the payment run until the matter has been resolved.
  6. Look out for an email from our team when your order is placed on hold to discuss the reason, and we count on your cooperation during the process. Our objective is to ensure that all orders safely reach buyers as soon as possible so that we can release the funds to you. Respond quickly to any email from us about deliveries of orders that are on hold, to ensure that your information is processed by the cut off date and the order is included in the payrun.
  7. Check that your payment details are correct to avoid payment delays.
  8. Communicate with customers through our integrated messaging system. This way we will be able to see when your customer confirms delivery of their order and will mark it as delivered accordingly.
  9. Check your statement once it's been generated (you will be notified via email) and ensure that all orders included in that statement have been delivered. Notify our team should your statement include orders that are still in transit or not showing as delivered. When you know an order has been delivered, please send us proof of delivery (which can be tracking details showing delivery, delivery confirmation from the courier, or delivery confirmation from the customer) so that we can release the funds to you. 

Should you have any queries or concerns, please send us an email at sellers@artfinder.com and we will be happy to help.

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