How can orders be tracked on Artfinder?


The Artfinder order system is linked to a tracking system called Aftership which can track up to 775 couriers worldwide. 

You are able to view the couriers that are trackable with them here: Support 775 Couriers - AfterShip.

In order for the tracking to function, it is important to ensure that your tracking number is correct, and in the format required. You may receive a parcel reference number from your courier, so it is important to check that the number you are providing when marking the order as shipped is the tracking number. If there is any doubt regarding this, we would recommend that you check the courier on the Aftership website linked above.

You also need to ensure that you select the correct courier from the drop-down after clicking the ‘Proceed to Select Your Courier’ button. The system will automatically default to the courier the system believes is the correct one, so please do double-check all the options by clicking on the dropdown.

If you are sure that the courier you are using is trackable on Aftership, and you have inputted the tracking number correctly, but the tracking is not working on Artfinder, please contact our Support Team so we can look into this further.

For further information on marking your orders as shipped, please refer to this article: How do I mark my order as shipped?

Couriers that are not trackable with Aftership

Unfortunately, there are some couriers, such as Royal Mail, that are not trackable on Aftership. With regards to Royal Mail, this is due to their policies regarding third party access to their shipping information. In these cases, when marking the order as shipped, you will need to select ‘Other’ under courier, and then manually enter the name of the courier. 

In these cases, we kindly recommend messaging your customer with the tracking number and a link to the courier's website, or a tracking site such as 17track.

Some couriers such as Parcel Force are trackable on Aftership, but it is important to ensure their name is entered in the correct format - rather than ‘parcelforce’ as one word, this is down on Aftership as ‘Parcel Force’. As this may be the case for other couriers, we always recommend checking the list of supported couriers on Aftership.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Artfinder Support Team ( who are always here to assist.

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