How can I inspire Repeat Custom?

Nothing is more satisfying than recognising the name at the top of your latest order notification as a previous buyer coming back for more. Everyone knows that repeat customers are the lifeblood of any business, whose loyalty deserves the very best service, but the key to creating these crucial collectors in the first place is treating each and every purchaser as a VIP from the moment they check out.

Acknowledging an order

Use the Artfinder messaging system to get in touch with your buyer as soon as an order has been placed. Even if you are on course to dispatch within your specified window, a quick message with a thank you and estimated arrival time will do wonders to set your customer at ease from the outset. Should the possibility of any delay or complication arise, inform your buyer of this immediately to manage their expectations. Clear and transparent communication is key to building lasting relationships.

Packaging your shipment

Parceling up your package offers a unique opportunity to delight your customer with an experience they wont forget. Ensure your outer packaging is sturdy enough to guard against any possible damage in transit, whilst your inner wrapping is as attractive as possible to the recipient. You can now print packing slips direct from your Artfinder orders dashboard, which you can include with your artwork to help buyers find their way back to your shop in future. Think about any additional touches or inserts to make the delivery extra special- perhaps you could enclose a personal note, a festive token or a postcard of your art.

Post purchase follow-up

Drop the customer a message a day or two after delivery is due to check that their art has arrived safely and that they are satisfied with their purchase. Not only does proactively collecting feedback help you to improve your service in future, it will also give you the chance to tackle any issues head on before customer frustrations develop. In the unfortunate event that there have been any problems with the order, don't bury your head in the sand. Proving that you are someone who is attentive and effective in resolving issues when they do arise is a powerful way of creating customer confidence in dealing with you again.

Keeping active

With an Artfinder account, a powerful customer retention programme is carried out on your behalf through follower notifications and digests. Be sure to stay active on the site and keep your profile up-to-date as this to ensure that existing customers will be notified of your offerings on a regular basis.

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