Why hasn’t my order been marked as delivered?

There may be occasions when you have checked the tracking information of one of your orders and it shows as delivered, however is not shown as delivered on your Seller Portal.

Whilst our integrated tracking system: Aftership can track 985 carriers, and automatically mark orders shipped with these carriers as delivered, there are currently some exceptions. 

As a result, orders shipped with couriers that are not trackable with Aftership won't automatically be marked as delivered on our system.

How do I know if my courier is not trackable with Aftership?

Kindly note, that you are able to search Aftership's 775 supported carriers on their site by clicking here

Alternatively, you are able to see if your selected carrier is supported or not by Aftership when entering tracking details on your order, in your Seller Portal. 

When adding the tracking number for a shipment and clicking ‘Proceed to select your courier, if the carrier you used is not listed in the drop down menu under ‘Shipping method’, this indicates it will not be tracked with Aftership.

In cases where your shipment is not supported, please select ‘Other’ as a shipping method and manually add the specific carrier used. This will enable your customer to track the shipment through the specific carriers website, or through tracking pages such as 17 Track.

One of the couriers Aftership cannot track is Royal Mail.  

What happens with shipments that are not trackable with Aftership, and therefore not automatically marked as delivered?

Please be assured that we always reach out to customers whose orders are shipped with carriers not trackable with Aftership 3 days after the ETA, to confirm delivery and offer assistance should there be a delay or an issue.

We would however, encourage you to keep track of their orders, and to advise us once they have received delivery confirmation in order for us to update this on the system. 

To speed up the process kindly send an email to sellers@artfinder.com with the corresponding order number, so we can mark the order as delivered on the system so that you can be paid for the order in the correct pay-run.

Please rest assured that a positive experience is paramount for us, therefore we are actively working on improving our tracking system, to ensure more carriers are automatically marked as delivered.

Do I need to confirm delivery for my hand-delivered orders?

Please be assured that it is perfectly fine to arrange for an artwork to be hand delivered, if the customer is happy with the arrangement. 

Kindly note, we require delivery confirmation for all orders in order to release payments. Whilst we do reach out to customers, to speed up the process, we would ask that when you deliver the artwork, please ask the customer to email us at customers@artfinder.com or to drop you a message via the messaging system on our site, confirming that they received the artwork and they are happy with it. We will then update this order on the system.

Please be advised if you are hand delivering your order, you will still need to mark the order as shipped and advise of the date you will be delivering the artwork. You will need to select 'Shipped without tracking' and input 'hand delivered' as shown here

How can I confirm delivery if my order was shipped without tracking? 

Although sending parcels on a trackable service is not a requirement, it is strongly advised that you do opt for such services as in cases where the parcel is not found, we have no possibility to track this or for you to claim with the courier. As a result, shipping an order without a trackable service may mean you lose your protection as a seller.

We recommend that you reach out to your customers for orders shipped without tracking around or after the ETA to confirm that they have successfully received the order. Please inform our team at sellers@artfinder.com once you have obtained a delivery confirmation from the customer. 

What happens if my customer is unresponsive when I try to confirm delivery and the courier’s tracking is not getting updated? 

If a customer is unresponsive, and it is unclear whether the artwork has been delivered via the tracking, please be assured that we will always follow up with them to confirm delivery, and offer assistance should there be a delay or an issue. 

Should the customer be unresponsive to our outreaches, we will do our best to make contact. If we are unsuccessful after multiple attempts, we will provide the customer with a deadline to respond by. If they are still unresponsive, we will release the hold on the order in order to facilitate your payment, as no further issues with the delivery would have been reported.  

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