I think the customer's order has been lost - what happens next?

If the customer is experiencing a significant delay with their order, they may wish to get a refund.

What is our policy?

We have a policy in place for situations such as this. Should the customer’s artwork not have arrived within 30 days of the estimated time of arrival stated on the shipment confirmation email, they are able to request a refund.

We understand that due to Covid-19, orders may be significantly delayed. If the tracking has updated recently, or you have information from the courier regarding the delay, then we are able to ask the customer to allow more time for delivery.

However, if the customer does not wish to wait, and it has been over 30 days since the ETA on the order, we will need to refund them. Should the artwork then arrive after they have been refunded, the customer will be able to place a new order to pay for the artwork, or we can arrange a return of the artwork to you.

What can you do if your artwork seems to be lost?

If the artwork never arrives, and is completely lost in transit, you may be able to raise a claim with the courier you have used. As Artfinder is neither the sender nor the recipient, we are unable to do this on your behalf, however, we will always provide any transactional information you may need and advise where we can.

It is important to research the necessity of having any relevant additional insurance with the courier prior to shipping, and to ship with couriers that offer a reimbursement policy for damaged or lost parcels where possible.

Important things to do:

  • Ship your artwork with tracking wherever possible.
  • If the order hasn’t been delivered by the ETA, contact the customer to advise of the delay. Please also contact us to inform us of the delay as we may also be able to offer the customer additional reassurance.
  • If there are no updates on the tracking, contact the courier for further information. You may need to start an official investigation and inform the customer on the deadline for resolution. 

As always, it is important to keep your customer updated on their order, and informed of any delays. 

Should you have any queries or concerns, please send us an email at sellers@artfinder.com and we will be happy to help.

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