How do I mark my order as shipped?

Kindly note the importance of marking all orders as shipped. If you do not mark your order as shipped and do not enter relevant tracking information on the order page, there may be a delay in your payment.

We are able to automatically track parcels from 700+ couriers worldwide with our integrated tool, Aftership. If a parcel is tracked within our system, both you and your customers are going to be able to track the status of shipments in real-time.

Once you have shipped your artwork, to mark the order as shipped, please go to your Seller Dashboard > Transactions > Orders > find the relevant order > click the "Mark order as shipped" button and be sure to provide the tracking information and estimated date of arrival. 

For the system to be able to track your parcel please enter the tracking number and press 'Proceed to select your courier' as shown in the screenshot below:

Once you have done this, if our system is able to find your parcel across one of our supported couriers, you will be able to find your courier in the drop-down list that will appear below the tracking number called next to the heading 'Shipping method'

Please then check if the shipping courier that the system has identified based on the tracking number you have entered is correct. We will automatically default the courier the system believes is the correct one, but please do double-check all the options by clicking on the dropdown.

Please then add the estimated time of arrival as well as relevant package details, and press the red  'Save' button.

If our system is not able to find your parcel or if none of the options returned by the service corresponds to your courier / postal service, you will always have the option to select 'Other' as shown below, but this means we are not going to be able to track the shipment as a result.


If you deliver the artwork in person, you will still need to mark the order as shipped in order to receive the payment.  Click the "Mark order as shipped" button, and enter "hand-delivered" into the tracking number field. 

Please then select 'Other' under courier and type in 'hand-delivered' again in the blank box as below.

You will not receive the payment for the order unless it has been marked as shipped. Once marked as shipped and your order has been hand-delivered, please ask your customer to email us a confirmation of delivery at, so that we can update our Finance Team accordingly in order to process your payment.

Please note that once you have marked your order as shipped, you will not be able to update the tracking details. This is an action that needs to be performed by Artfinder admin, therefore, please provide us with the new tracking number at and we will update this for you. 

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