How do I mark my order as shipped?

Kindly note the importance of marking all orders as shipped. If you do not mark your order as shipped and do not enter relevant tracking information on the order page, there may be a delay in your payment.

Once you have shipped your artwork, to mark the order as shipped, please go to your Seller Dashboard > Transactions > Orders > find the relevant order > click the "Mark order as shipped" button and be sure to provide the tracking information and estimated date of arrival.

Please specify the shipping method, enter the tracking number of the shipment and estimated time of arrival as well as relevant package details and press the red 'Save' button.  

If you deliver the artwork in person, you have to mark the order as shipped anyway in order to receive the payment.  Click the "Mark order as shipped" button, then select 'Other' under courier and type in 'hand-delivered' in the blank box.

You will not receive the payment for the order unless it has been marked as shipped.

Please note that once you have marked your order as shipped, you will not be able to update tracking details. This is an action that needs to be performed by Artfinder admin, therefore, please provide us with the new tracking number at and we will update this for you. 

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