Delivery Exceptions

There may be occasions when an order is not delivered which could be for a number of reasons. We always recommend keeping an eye on the tracking for orders as it gets closer to the ETA, so that if any issues arise, you are able to get these resolved in a timely manner. When there are delivery exceptions, these will generally be visible on the tracking. 

Order held at post office or couriers hub 

If an order is being held at a customer’s local post office or at the courier's hub, the customer will need to contact the courier or their local postal service in order to rearrange delivery, or to arrange a collection. We would recommend reaching out to the customer to advise them to contact the courier.

Order held at customs

If an order is being held at customs, it could either be held pending charges, or, further information may be needed from the sender or the receiver in order for this to be cleared. In cases like these, we would encourage you to advise the customer to contact the courier directly regarding this. As Artfinder is neither the sender, nor the receiver, the couriers will not provide us any information relating to shipments so while we are happy to reach out to customers, and provide any information you may need, we are unable to contact the courier ourselves. 

Order returned to sender

If an order is being returned to you, it is important to ascertain why this is happening. Some of the reasons an order may be returned back to you are as follows:

  • The courier tried to deliver but nobody was in to accept the parcel (they will usually have a maximum number of times they will attempt delivery before returning to sender).
  • The shipping documentation was incomplete, and the courier hasn’t received the information they need in time.
  • There was an error with the shipping address.
  • There were pending import charges which weren’t paid in time, or the receiver refused delivery of the parcel due to not wanting to pay the import charges.

If an order is being returned to you, you will need to find out whether the customer wishes for this to be reshipped, or if they wish to receive a refund. In the meantime, please contact us regarding this, so that we can put the order on hold until the situation is resolved.

In cases where the reason for the return is due to the customer, such as the incorrect delivery address being given at checkout, or pending import charges not being paid on time, if the customer still wishes to receive the artwork, then the cost of reshipping would fall to them. As it is no longer possible to charge customers additional charges after purchase, the order would need to be refunded, and they can then place the order again.

In cases where the reason for return is due to the shipping documentation being incomplete, or an error with the address made by yourself at the time of shipping, then we would encourage you to cover the new shipping charge should the customer still wish to receive the artwork.

If the customer wishes to receive a refund for the returned order instead of having it reshipped, then please contact us and we will be able to process this. 

In all of the above cases, if you have reached out to the customer and have not received a response, and are concerned about whether they are receiving your messages, please do not hesitate to contact the Artfinder Support Team ( with the order number, and an overview of the situation, and we will be happy to help.

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