Your customer’s shipping address

Always ship to the address provided

Artfinder ensures all shipments are shipped and delivered to the address provided on the order page. Please never ship your artwork to another address without consulting our team as you will be risking losing the Seller Protection.

Where to find my customer's shipping address?

  1. Login to your seller account and go to your dashboard.
  2. Go to your Transactions tab > Pending orders.
  3. View details and shipping address on the order's page.

How can I receive a shipping address change request? 

The customer may reach out to you via the messaging system asking to ship the order to a different address than the one provided by them during checkout. It may mean that the artwork is intended as a gift so they wish to ship it to a different address or that the customer made a mistake at checkout.

Why can't I ship to another address?

Some payment providers require that the shipping and billing address match the data supplied to the payment provider at the time the customer placed their order. Artfinder may have to authorise the change of address with the payment provider directly before proceeding.

There are also other circumstances in which it will not be possible for us to action an address change request, such as in cases where Sales Tax is charged at point of checkout.

Authorise change of address

Should you have any concerns about the address itself or your customer has requested for the artwork to be shipped to an alternative address, please contact us at before you ship.

What can happen if the change of address is not authorised by the customer’s selected payment provider?

We will need to cancel the order and ask the customer to place another order with the correct shipping address.

Why is the customer's address not appearing on the order page? 

If the customer's address is not showing up on the order page, this may be due to the following: 

  • The order is under review. The address will appear once our team releases the order. 
  • This is the deposit for an artwork commission. The address will be provided on the final order page, which is created once the customer pays the final amount for the artwork commission. 

Where can I see the customer's address to ship the artwork commission?

Once you complete the artwork, please return to the communication with the customer and mark the commission as complete at the bottom of the page. When you have done this, the final amount will be added to the customer's basket.

After the payment for your commission has been taken, the order details including the shipping address will appear as usual under 'Orders'.

Please do not ask the customer through the messaging system to provide the shipping address as it will likely get blocked by our contact information detection system. 

If you have obtained the customer's shipping address, please do not ship the artwork until the final payment has been taken. This is for your protection to ensure that the customer pays the final amount due to you before receiving the goods.

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