What to do if I can't ship my order on time?

If you are unable to dispatch your order within the time you have committed to do it after receiving the order, you are able to change the dispatch date in your Seller Portal.

To change the dispatch date for the order:

  1. Click the Dashboard icon at the top of artfinder.com
  2. Select the Transactions tab
  3. Click on the Orders tab, go to Pending orders and then press the View details button next to the relevant order
  4. Press the button that says ‘Update estimated dispatch date’ underneath the heading ‘This order is awaiting shipment’.

This will trigger a notification to your customer and prevent further reminder emails from being generated until the expected dispatch date has been reached. 

To change the Shipping time (the number of days it will take you to dispatch an order after receiving it)

Go to your Settings > Shipping time > Manage > Dispatching within [DAYS] > Save.

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