Why is my order Under Review?

As a security measure to protect all sellers, we review potentially higher-risk orders.

When this happens, we place a hold on the order and ask the artist not to ship/deliver the artwork(s) associated with this order. 

Will I get notified that I have a new order which is currently under review? 

You will not receive an email notification until the order has been released and is confirmed safe to proceed. However, the order will appear as Under Review in the Seller Portal. 

Kindly note that you won't see your customer's shipping address due to the hold placed on this order until we release it, and you will be invited to proceed with shipping.

When you see an order Under review, do not reach out to the customer to provide the shipping address. You will see the shipping address once our review is complete. 

We aim to review the order within 48 hours of placing it on hold but occasionally it can take longer if we require more information from the customer. Once our review is complete, we'll either approve the order or cancel the order. 

NOTE: As part of our standard policy, if we do not hear back from your customer within 5 working days from when the review takes place we will then have to cancel the order.

If the order is not approved, we will advise you not to ship/deliver the artwork(s). This helps the artist to avoid potential losses.

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