How can I issue my customer with a shipping refund?

How can I issue my customer with a shipping refund?

It is now possible for all sellers to issue customers with a partial or full refund on the shipping costs paid.

To issue your customer with a shipping refund:

  1. Click the Dashboard icon at the top of
  2. Select the Transactions tab
  3. Click on the Orders tab and then press the View details button next to the relevant order
  4. Scroll down to the header that says "Overcharged for shipping?" and press the Set refund shipping amount button
  5. Enter the Refund amount and Refund reason in the required input fields
  6. Click the Process refund at the bottom of the page

You will be asked to confirm this action before it is processed.

I am unable to see the refund shipping amount button, why? 

Kindly note, if the button for refunding the shipping amount is not visible, this may be due to one of the restrictions listed below, for example, order being placed using Artfinder’s 0% finance scheme. Please pop us over an email if this is the case, and we'll be able to action this refund on your behalf.

How much can I refund my customer?

It is not possible to refund more than the amount that was charged for shipping, i.e. if you charged £5.00 GBP for shipping, you can only refund  up to £5.00 GBP.

What happens once I process the refund?

A confirmation email will be automatically generated and sent to both yourself and your customer once the refund has been successfully processed by our automated system. However, do feel free to follow up with your customer.

Are there any restrictions to seller-triggered shipping refunds?

You will not be able to issue a shipping refund for orders if any of the below conditions are true:

  • The order was paid for using Artfinder's 0% finance scheme
  • The order is under review
  • The customer was not charged for shipping
  • The order has already been refunded in full
  • The order has been cancelled
  • A statement has been generated for the order (this means that the order is either due to be paid, or has already been paid)

Note: Once processed, all refunds are final and cannot be undone.

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