Is there a Minimum Price?

If you are wondering whether or not you have to set a certain price for your artworks, we have recently implemented a limit, below which art cannot be priced.

From July 2017, all art must be priced from £20 / €25 / $30.

The reasons behind this implementation are two-fold. Firstly, given the recent changes in the payout structure and the introduction of the minimum payout amount, we would hate to see some of our artists having to wait a bit longer to be paid! Secondly, we thought it appropriate to respond to a number of discussions within the community asking for a modest minimum price, which we hope will positively contribute to the overall perception of quality and also level the playing field for all.

Will this affect a sale I want to run?

No. Provided the full price of the artwork is over £20 / €25 / $30 you can still run a sale which reduced the price to below that amount.

Do I have to change the prices of all my artwork now if they're under £20 / €25 / $30?

The artworks that are already on the platform for amounts lower than £20 / €25 / $30 can remain for the time being but, if you unpublish them at any point to edit the listing, you will not be able to republish them again until the minimum price limit is reached.

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