Spring Clean your Shop

Like homes, shops require a lot of maintenance.

Show your good side

Entice buyers into your shop by updating your story in the  'About me' section. Be as personal as you like: what inspires you to create? What is your connection to the subject matter in your artworks? What sets you and your artworks apart?
Upload high-resolution  'Me at Work' images. Whether you're up to your elbows in oils or knee-deep in pencil shavings, these images will allow buyers to see the care and attention that you lavish on your artwork and the hard work that goes into your creative process.

From Left to Right; Inna Mosina, Michael Cruickshank, Yuliia Ustymenko and Mariann Johansen-Ellis.

Content is key

Capture the customer's imagination with  strong titles for your listings. Think of key words that you might use to describe your artwork: is it framed or unframed? What are the key features? What medium have you used? 
Fleshing out your  artwork descriptions is another great way to garner interest. A good way to start is by building on the item description and telling the story of what makes the piece so unique! Perhaps you stumbled across an inspirational landscape in the most unlikely of places, or you were taken by the lighting at a particular time of day.

Present your artworks in their best light

Great photography is key to showcasing your artworks! Not only do excellent  secondary images allow potential purchasers to explore the detailing and textures in your work, they will allow them to make a more informed decision as to how your artwork may look in their home.
In addition, the quality of your artwork photography can vastly improve the look of your storefront. 
We have also provided some suggestions for secondary images you might like to add:


Have you maximised the number of tags that relate to your artworks? Tagging your artworks with as many words and terms as possible infinitely improves your chances of selling an artwork by ensuring that they come up in search results.
You need not limit yourself either - you can add as many tags to each artwork as you wish! 
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Get Social

If you haven't already branched out into social media, now is the time! Consider setting up a blog, a Facebook Fan Page or a Twitter account to showcase your works and list these links on your Artfinder Shopfront.
Linking your Artfinder listings to these social media outlets will help broaden your customer base and will allow potential customers to see how engaging and popular you and your artworks are!
And, of course, it's a great way to keep up with the latest goings-on in the Artfinder Community:
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