How do I write an artwork description?

This is your opportunity to tell people what inspired the work. What techniques did you use? Why did you choose this subject matter?

Alluring product descriptions are essential to exciting buyers and aiding them in their understanding of what makes your artwork special, and why they need to purchase it. A great way to approach this is to start with the why — your reason for creating that particular piece or what it means to you.

Give enough information (but don't over do it) and use words that breathe life into an otherwise static (yet beautiful) image on a webpage.

Consider these 5 questions:

  1. Why did you create it? What inspired you? Why do you particularly love this piece? Why should the buyer care?
  2. What is it? Don't assume that the buyer can figure it out. Things can appear vastly different from one computer screen to the next.
  3. How big is it? Will it fit over the buyers mantle piece, or is it better suited on their desk?
  4. What materials and techniques were used? How does it affect the finish? The texture? How does it look when the light hits it?
  5. How does it work? Are there any special unpacking, hanging or care instructions? How will it be packaged? What method of shipment will be used?

Below is a good example:
"I was inspired for this piece by stained glass windows and chocolate. I made it by carefully inking each 'sweet' separately so each print might have slightly different colours. It has a good spacial quality and the colours evoke a childhood happiness."

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