Social Media Tips

Getting started on social media may be a daunting experience, but spending a few moments each day to update your profiles, promote your products and connect with your customers and fans will pay off in the long term. Social media is all about  sharing content that inspires you, engaging in conversations and relationship building with your customers and fans, and as a result, building trust in your brand. Nail the fundamentals, and you’ll lay the foundations for a sustainable flow of new and returning customers.

Key tips:

  • Choose content which is of value to your fans. Think informative, inspiring, and memorable. You want to post content that you would think to yourself, “I’d like to share that”, and which shows your expertise and talent. Don’t just post an endless stream of products, but think about how you can surprise, entertain and inform your fans.

  • Be consistent. Post with a degree of regularity (find a frequency that suits you), establish your tone of voice and stick to it, and set goals for your social media pages. If you approach it with this framework, you’re likely to reach (and start exceeding) your ideal number of fans, shares and comments.

  • Respond, retweet, share, follow. Social media isn’t a one-way conversation, so take time to reply to comments, and share content you find inspiring from your network. Target key individuals or brands you admire and which fit with your own brand, and follow them. Reply to their posts, ask them questions and strike up a conversation. You’ll soon start to get new followers organically.

Common mistakes:

  • Not updating! No profile is better than a sparse or unfinished profile. A well maintained profile lets a customer know you’re a serious seller, so try and post at least 4 times a week (for Facebook), and more for twitter, instagram and pinterest.
  • Lapsing out of your brand. If your twitter account represents you as a professional artist, try to avoid tweeting about the X Factor results or what you ate for breakfast.
  • Trying to spread yourself too broadly. Running your Artfinder shop and keeping your profiles updated take time, so if you can’t manage all social media networks, pick one or two that are right for you. You don’t have to be everywhere, and you’re far more likely to grow one social network faster if you can dedicate more time to it. 

Help! I don’t know what kind of content to post!

Take a deep breath. You won’t find the magic key immediately with social media, and to find out what makes your fans tick you should test a variety of content. As a rule of thumb, post content you find interesting. Keep it real, light-hearted and informative. Try not to make it too wordy, and where possible accompany each post with an image.

Being consistent with your tone needn’t mean always posting the same kind of content – keep it fresh to surprise and inspire your fans, and don’t be afraid to try new things. And of course, remember to always provide relevant links to your Artfinder shop!

  • A new work in progress you’re working on
  • A technique you’re trying out
  • A piece you’ve just finished
  • Your studio or working space
  • Any artworks you sell
  • Updates you’ve made to your Artfinder shop; new promotions or features
  • Any exhibitions you’re featured in
  • A landscape or place of inspiration you like to go to
  • Other artists, musicians, writers, works of art that inspire you (to increase your credibility and show where your style comes from)
  • Quotes that inspire you
  • Interesting articles or links you’ve read
  • Ask questions: about your products, your shop, or for tips and feedback.

What’s a #hashtag?

When used wisely (and sparingly!) a hashtag can be a great way to immerse yourself in relevant conversations and thus get more exposure. When writing an update, on whichever channel, identify key words and place a “#” in front of them. They’ll appear in searches for users searching for those terms. The more broad the term you hashtag, the less likely it is to appear in relevant searches, so try to be specific, particularly if you’re referencing specific events, occasions or brands. You can check twitter to see the daily trends, and if you have content that relates, then jump on the bandwagon and join the conversation!

What’s tagging?

Quite simply, tagging is mentioning. When you mention (@) or respond to an influencer, peer or brand, that person will be notified, and will perhaps respond to, retweet (RT) or share your update with their own fans. A great way to engage in a human interaction and widen your sphere of influence!

For example, should you wish to tag Artfinder on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, simply type an “@” then begin typing “Artfinder”. A dropdown should appear which will allow you to select our official profile. Et voilà! Reach out to us and we’ll reach out right back!

Guide: Facebook

Facebook is a rich and engaging experience, which works best when visual materials (images, videos) are shared. Create a page for your professional brand (rather than using your personal profile), and use it to connect with people who specifically want to hear about your practice.

Don’t forget to get creative with your profile design: choose a profile picture and cover picture that say something about you. And don’t forget to fill in your ‘about’ section with relevant information about your work, techniques and influences, as well as a link to your Artfinder shop.

If you don’t have a fan page, you can create one  here.

Guide: Pinterest

Millions use Pinterest to explore their interests, searching for serendipity and looking to be inspired. This is a place to show off your awesome product photography and really tell a story behind your Artfinder shop!

Pinterest is great for creating themed boards to show off your different projects or sources of inspiration. Remember to categorise each board (we use “Art”), give it a relevant name and description, and set a compelling cover image.

You can pin your artworks direct from their page on Artfinder, and you can also pin images from around the web using this Pinterest  "Pin It" button that you can install easily onto your web browser. Don’t forget to also browse pinterest for content you like that you can “repin” to your boards.

If you don’t have an account, you can create one  here.

Guide: Twitter

Because of the instantaneous nature of Twitter, tweets get lost as soon as they’re posted. It’s important to try and update regularly (every day, if you’re going to commit), and keep on top of your mentions so that you can respond to them. Remember to @mention relevant Twitter accounts and include #hashtags which are of high relevance; you’re more likely to get responses and retweets (RT).

Follow relevant accounts, but don’t go overboard – it can look spammy when an account follows more accounts than follow them back. At first, follow those who you really care about and want to hear from, tweet informative content, and over time your followers will increase. Don’t forget to add your Twitter account to your Artfinder shop.

And why not download  Tweetdeck, it’s a free tool that allows you to see all your Twitter activity at a glance, such as @mentions, direct messages, scheduled tweets, and your feed. It’s easy to post, retweet and reply from Tweetdeck too, so should take some stress out of your posting!

If you don’t have an account, you can create one  here.

Guide: Instagram

Approach Instagram as you would your art - find your style and learn how to edit to perfection like a pro. Use good lighting, find one or two “filters” you like, and try to keep your compositions consistent, cropping them to create a sense of balance. Eventually, when you update your followers will instantly recognise your posts.

Take pictures of your art in progress, your “behind-the-scenes” working space, and any “art about town” activities you embark upon. It’ll really bring your practice to life! Focus on sharing unique and beautiful images that tell  yourstory.

As with your Artfinder shop, don’t post images which are blurry, out of focus, or badly composed. It’ll only damage your reputation! Take a look at which posts get most likes, and you’ll soon start to learn what’s popular.

If you don’t have an account, you can download the app and create one  here.

The bottom line:

Social media success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to build reliable and exciting profiles, but when approached with the same regularity and passion you approach your art with, it can be a very rewarding endeavour. Nothing quite beats getting real feedback from your fans and customers!

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