Market Yourself: Make the most of Facebook

As the largest social media site in the world, Facebook provides a wonderful platform for spreading the word about the artworks that you lovingly create and upload to Artfinder!  Creating a professional fan page as opposed to your using your personal Facebook profile can boost the professional image of your brand, engaging existing fans and as well as showing the wider world that your art is worth shouting about!

Here are our top tips on how to make the most of Facebook.


Unlike Twitter and other social networks, there are no limitations to the number of characters or images that you can upload to your page. However there are a few things to bear in mind when posting to your Facebook page:

  • Spread the word of you - just like your Artfinder profile, your fans will love to learn about you and your work. So post high-quality images, tell your story and make the page as personal as your like!

  • Keep it short - short, engaging posts are better than lengthy essays. While there is no limit to the number of characters that you use, many sources recommend posts of around 80 characters, with relevant images. Imagine if your post came up on your newsfeed - would you want to read it, or would you scroll on by?
  • Keep it personal - how would you speak to your fans in person? Do you usually use convoluted language to express how you feel? Remember that you want to keep your fans engaged, not confuse them. With this in mind, just be yourself - you are your own best ambassador! 
  • Keep it relevant - how do you want your page to reflect your brand as an artist? Perhaps you want to share your latest creations? Or maybe you want to express how you feel about the latest developments in the world of art? Either way, bear in mind that your artwork is directly linked to your posts and your comments. Want to have your say about the latest developments in your favourite TV series? That's probably best kept to your personal page. 
  • Engage with your audience - social media is just that: social. If a fan comments on your post, be sure to get back to them! Thank them for kind words, or 'Like' their comments. All of this goes to show that you're engaged and attune to them and their interest in your page. 
  • Share your successes - have you just sold an artwork on Artfinder? Or perhaps you've been featured in an Artfinder Newsletter? Spread the word! Remember to tag @Artfinderfb in your post so that anybody who likes the Artfinder page will be aware of your success too!

  • Share your passion - post about what interests you and what you find interesting. Passion is infectious - and the likelihood is that any fan of your page will share your passion and engage with your posts.
  • Interlink your networks - mention your social media sites on your Artfinder page and show your fans that they can purchase works on Artfinder. The more your social networks work together, the more they’ll work for you!

Fan Base

It's easy to think that it's all about the page 'Likes' - and in many ways this is true. Having an extensive network of Facebook fans is always a plus and shows the world that your artworks and opinions matter. However there are some things to take into account when commencing and broadening your fan-base:

  • Connect with existing fans first... - your existing fans (friends, family and existing collectors) are your biggest and best ambassadors. Encourage them to comment on, like and share your posts. The more engagement that your posts receive, the more likely you are to show up in somebody's newsfeed. 
  • ...and network later - engage potential followers by liking fan pages of brands that relate to your own. This can connect you with other artists and potential customers the world over.
  • Don't buy fans - it may be tempting to buy followers to give your brand that boost, but this can often have a negative impact since that the levels of engagement of fake followers are low. Rely on your real fans - friends, family and customers - to cast you in your best light. Remember: it's not always a numbers game!


Once you've set up your page, nailed the art of writing the perfect post and developed a loyal fan base, it's time to get experimenting! The aim of the game is to get the most engagement (likes and comments) from your burgeoning band of followers to gain even more exposure. This is where Facebook page analytics can really come in handy:

  • Timing - experiment with posting at different times of day to increase engagement. Perhaps you want to post at times when most of your followers are online? Or maybe you've noticed that you get the most engagement at 9.30am? Either way, knowledge is power: if you know what works, run with it!
  • Frequency - how much is too much? And how much is too little? There's no right or wrong answer as to how frequently to post on Facebook, though many suggest around 1-4 times a week. But remember to keep it relevant - if you have nothing to say at a particular time, don't post for the sake of posting!
  • Location - where are the majority of your followers located? Perhaps you'd like to bear this in mind when posting to your page, posting comments that are relevant to particular local interests.
  • Replicate your success - if your followers engage with a particular kind of post over any other (for instance images) be sure to take note and post more in the future. Success comes of awareness of your followers!

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