Market Yourself: Make the most of Facebook

As the largest social media platform in the world, Facebook provides an opportunity to spread the word about the artwork that you lovingly create and upload to Artfinder.

Here are our top tips on how to make the most of Facebook:

Getting started

As an enterprise aiming to expand your operations with social media, you’ll want to create a business page. There are huge advantages to creating a business page over using your personal profile, including increased discoverability. In order to do this, you’ll need to log into your Facebook account, click ‘Pages’ and choose to create a new page. 

You’ll need to brand your page by updating your profile information in order for your customers to know who you are. You can do this by uploading a profile picture (the best choice is usually a logo), adding a description about who you are and what you offer, and adding a link to your Artfinder profile.

Spread the word

Facebook is a great way to connect with your existing customers and introduce yourself to those who may become customers in the future. There are several free tools you can explore and utilise on your page, such as:


Like with other social media platforms, you can post pictures and videos for your customers to engage with. Why not share your work with your followers or some behind the scenes sneak peaks? Your post will appear in your followers’ main feeds, and if they engage with it, it will also appear in their friends’ main feeds.

Make sure any photos or videos you post are in focus, well-lit and vibrant. You can use free editing tools such as Canva – which is available on mobile and desktop – to enhance your photos before posting them.


Your Stories will only last 24 hours and are great for sharing behind the scenes footage of your studio or a glimpse of your work before a reveal post. Share anything that you think will express your passion and personality with your followers.

You can even link your Facebook and Instagram stories, so the same post appears on both platforms!


Connect with your followers on a different level by encouraging them to reach out and start a conversation. Ask them to send you an inbox message in a feed post and learn more about them with Messenger – you could receive invaluable customer feedback!


Use events to promote milestones for your business, such as a new product release, the launching of your shop or an artists’ workshop. As well as adding information about the event, you can use the description to encourage your followers to view your website, other platforms and, of course, your Artfinder profile. If your followers mark the event as interested, they'll be reminded on the day.

Keep it personal

How would you speak to your customers in person? It's important for your Facebook page to reflect that. People respond best to businesses that feel authentic and personable, and it’s the fastest way to grow your followers.

If you receive comments on your posts, respond back in a meaningful way. Let them know that their comment means a lot and that you’re interested in their opinion. 

To keep your followers engaged, it’s best to share something new with them at least every few days, increasing as you find your feet. Ensure your content is varied and always keep in mind what your followers want to see. Utilise the tools available to you and be creative!

Join the community

You can use your business page in a similar way to your personal profile. Follow accounts that interest you and engage with the content that catches your eye. ‘Like’ posts that you enjoy and comment messages of appreciation and encouragement.

You can join the Artfinder community by tagging us in your content. It’s as simple as typing ‘@artfinderfb’. You can also join the group ‘Artists of Artfinder’ where you can find like-minded people and learn from other artists.

Use ads to increase reach

With business pages, you can ‘promote’ your posts. This means turning the post into an ad in order to reach more people. You will need to choose an advertising goal, such as profile visits, website visits or messages – Facebook will then use this information to target the right people.

When it comes to ads, the options are very flexible. You can choose exactly how many, and which, posts you want to promote and how much you want to promote them by. You may choose to promote only a few stand-out posts, such as your new artwork reveals, for as little as £5. The results you get will depend on how much money you invest into the campaign.

Improve your posts with insights

Insights provide information about your posts and page's performance. You can use these to determine which posts have been most successful, when your followers are most active on Facebook and learn how you can adjust your activity to build on these results. You can find your insights on the left-hand side of your page and use them to assess how your ads have performed too.

Learn more

We have many more resources to help you make the most out of Facebook, such as our article on Social Media Tips.

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