Tagging: How to increase your visibility

What is tagging?

Tags are a great way of increasing your visibility, and enabling potential buyers to find your work on Artfinder by ensuring that they come up in search results.
Remember, your buyers can search specific words in advance search under Keyword Search

How do I write a tag? 

By comprehensively tagging each artwork you upload, you will make sure that your pieces surface for all relevant searches. 

To make this search work better please DO NOT:

1. Tag your own name. Buyers can search by artworks and by your name in the Search bar on the Home page. 

2. Tag the word 'Artfinder'. This will take away from the relevancy of your artwork. 

How many tags can I add on an artwork? 

There is no one right amount, but we do ask that you make your tags as relevant as possible to your work of art. 

A few quick points:

  • Our system stores 100 tags per artwork, but in truth this is too many and actually reduces the relevancy of each tag over time a simplified example of this is people adding cat, fluffy cat, as well as cat on a wall.
  • We allow more than 100, but to combat overuse we only take 100 for indexing in the search system
  • When you add a tag we do an exact match on the tag (case-insensitive)
Here's a good example of a well tagged artwork,  Hat Dogs by Peter Aitchison

Where do I tag my artwork? 

To tag your artwork: 

1. Login to your Artfinder account, and click Manage my Shop on the top right hand corner of your screen

2. Visit your Artworks

3. Click Details on the artwork you wish to tag 

4. Click Edit

5. Under the heading that reads 'Describe your artwork' find the 'Tags' section 

6. Enter your word(s) in the text box, and select from the list of words that appear on your screen 

7. Once you select your word, a blue tag will appear below the text box. Here's an example: 

8. Click 'SAVE'

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