New artist shop

As explained on our recent Forum Post here, we are currently in the process of moving the entire site onto a new frontend technology framework, a huge undertaking, ongoing for many months now, which involves rebuilding each and every page from the ground up. This is a long term, tech intensive project, and one which will be truly transformational for the future of Artfinder.

As a result, after many months of work, we are really happy to announce the first of our new pages, the artist shop will be released by Wednesday 23rd June 2021.

At first glance, you may not see a big difference in terms of how the shop looks. 

The layout is almost exactly the same, but the changes are as follows:

  • The styling of the buttons.
  • Changes to how the page loads, to make it a smoother/faster experience for customers viewing your shop.
  • Your page now displays 12 artworks per page instead of the original 24 ( 3 columns x 4 rows, instead of 3 columns x 8 rows)

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