How can I create a collection?

'Collections' are groups of artworks categorised by you. You may like to create a collection by medium, style or a particular year of creation – the decision is entirely up to you!

To create a collection, simply take the following steps:

Go to Manage my shop > Artworks > Collections and press the + Add New Collection

Give your collection a Name and Description, then click on the SAVE button


Click on the + Add Artworks button and select all of the artworks that you wish to add to the collection


Click on the Add Selected Artworks button to add the artworks to the collection

Please note that artworks can be added to multiple collections as and when you wish!

Important note: You will need a minimum of 3 artworks in order for the collection to show on your shop.

Can I change the order of my collections?

Yes! To change the order of your collections, please go to the collections page in your Sellers Portal, and press the Edit button inline with the collection you would like to re-order.

By default, all collections are assigned to placement 0 (zero). The lower the number, the higher priority the collection has (collections at placement 0 will show up in the storefront).

Can I change the order of the artworks in a collection?

The order of artworks within a collection are determined by the order in which they are added to the collection. Currently, it is unfortunately not possible to alter the order of artworks within a collection once the collection has been created.

Can I rename or remove a collection? 

In the collections page in your Sellers Portal, simply click the Edit button on the collection you would like to rename. Once you have entered the new name of your collection in the Name* field, and are happy with this, click the SAVE button in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. 

You can also remove a collection by clicking on the red DELETE button while editing your collection, or directly from your collections page in your Sellers Portal. 

Why is my collection not showing on my storefront?

Please note that collections will only show on an artists' storefront with a minimum of three artworks included. As a result, if your collection includes less than three artworks, this will not appear on your storefront and you will need to include more for it to show.

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