How can I classify my artwork images?

Artfinder now requires sellers to classify the images of all in-stock, published artworks. Correctly classifying your artwork images will allow Artfinder to provide more accurate feedback about shop optimisation, and will ensure your artworks are included in relevant promotions and features.

How to classify an image

  1. Click the Dashboard icon at the top of
  2. Select the Artworks tab
  3. Choose an artwork then click Options → Edit artwork
  4. Go to Manage Images
  5. Select your classification under each image
  6. Click Save
Note: You will get an error if you do not have one full-frontal image or if you haven’t classified all images

Classification rules and restrictions

  1. All images must be classified
  2. An artwork can only be published/saved if there is a "Full-Frontal" image set
  3. Only one "Full-Frontal" image per artwork is allowed

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