Why is the required image resolution so high?

The Artfinder site requires the minimum resolution of 1200px on the shortest side for image uploads. This is to allow high quality display of your images on artwork pages without image degradation or upscaling. 

Our data has proven that buyers are much more likely to purchase an artwork that has high quality images. The required resolution also allows us to feature your artwork in our marketing emails, social media, collections on the website, and on the Artfinder blog.

High quality images on listings also ensure that the customer has a clear view of what they are purchasing, which reduces the likelihood of the artwork being returned due to being 'not as per the listing'.

We do not allow the use of watermarks on artwork images on our site as it detracts from the buying experience. Using watermarks also means the images become unsuitable for promotion on the site e.g. in emails or off-site advertising, therefore greatly limiting an artist's exposure.

We do understand that the theft of images is a concern for artists, and high resolution images can pose this risk. Users are not able to drag images to save them. Our priority is to emphasise the authenticity that customers will get only through us, such as highlighting the signature, edition number and including certificates of authenticity.

Ultimately, though the unauthorised copying of images is a necessary risk of displaying your artwork online, we believe that the legitimate clients gained by posting high quality images on listings outweighs this possibility. We will continue to work hard to make Artfinder a platform which focuses on delivering sales of real artworks to real customers, and ensuring that our artists are protected in the best way we can.

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