I'm having trouble uploading my artwork.

All artworks listed on Artfinder must have the correct dimensions so that customers can be sure of the size of an artwork that they wish to purchase. We have therefore introduced new checks that prevent incorrect dimensions from being published on the site. 

How do we perform these checks?

Before publishing the artwork, our system checks that the unframed/base dimensions have the same aspect ratio as the "full-frontal (unframed)" image that you upload. If the ratio of width and height varies greatly - the system will prevent the artwork from being published. Some common causes and ways to fix them are listed below.

The width and height are swapped

The correct dimensions for  this artwork by Wim van de Wege are width: 60cm and height: 20cm.

If the dimensions are swapped like on the example below the system will prevent publication because the image above suggests the artwork is landscape, but the dimensions entered suggest that it is portrait. You can see if your dimensions are incorrect using the frame outline in your Seller Portal. 

The unframed full-frontal image does not include a mount

The unframed full-frontal image should not contain a mount and/or mat. So if the artwork comes with a mat, mount or border, this should be classified differently.

For example: 'Close-up detail (artwork)'. If your artworks are mounted/matted and framed: 'Artwork in frame'. To learn more, read:  Types of image classification

If you have already photographed your artwork with mats, don't worry. These can be used in your listings, you will just have to classify them differently.

Simply put, a full-frontal image is your artwork cropped to the full size, no external surfaces whatsoever. 

Take the below the  Full-frontal images: Dos and Don'ts graphic as an example:

Incorrect full-frontal image selected

Sometimes an incorrect image is selected as the full-frontal image e.g. a close-up of the artwork or an artist's in-context image. In cases like this, the correct unframed full frontal image must be selected on the "Manage Images" section of the artwork edit page.

None of the above?

If you're certain that your full-frontal image is correct ensure that it is:

Still having problems?

There will be a link in the red error message with a specific infographic (I have used a lovely picture of my cat as an example);

This will take you to a page which lays it all out nice and clearly, thus:

If it STILL doesn't make sense, check out the Artist Forum or get in touch via sellers@artfinder.com

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