What happens if my customer cancels an order?

If your buyer cancels their order via their Artfinder account, you will be automatically notified by Artfinder’s system and prompted to accept the cancellation request.

If you have not already shipped the order, we ask that you accept the cancellation request as quickly as possible, however, feel free to contact your customer if you would like further information (perhaps there is a simple confusion that you can resolve).

Once you've accepted the cancellation request, you will need to put the artwork in question back in stock so that it is available for purchase by other customers.

What if I have already shipped the order?

If you have already shipped the artwork––but not marked it as such––please contact your customer and Artfinder support ASAP! In most cases, we simply ask that the customer notify us when the artwork reaches them so that we can organise for it to be returned to its original sender. 

NOTE: You will not be paid for cancelled orders.

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