How can I change my selling currency or location?

Sometimes you may need to change the location of your shop or the shop's selling currency if you move to another country.  

Location of the shop

Currently, shop owners are unable to change their selling country themselves. This is an action that needs to be performed by Artfinder. 

 If you would like your shop's location changed, please contact Artfinder support directly at and they will advise you on how to proceed.

Once this request is actioned you will need to update your shipping tables to reflect the correct shipping cost from your new location. 

Location of the shop - map

The map on your 'About' section of your storefront shows the location saved in your profile on your Seller Portal. Therefore, to change, this, please go to your Seller Portal > Profile and change the location to what you wish the map to reflect, then click the red ' save' button at the bottom of the page. 

Selling currency

Currently, it is not possible for Artfinder sellers to change their shop's selling currency––that is, the currency that they list artworks in. If you would like your currency changed, please contact Artfinder support directly at

If you would like to change the currency that artworks are presented to you, you will need to visit your user account's regional settings (

Artfinder supports British Pound (GBP), US Dollar (USD) and Euros (EUR) for artist's shops. 

Once the currency of your shop is updated, you will need to manually update prices for your artworks. Currency is not adjusted automatically, so an artwork that cost eg. 100 GBP will now show 100 EUR. Please review the prices of all your artworks, as well as your shipping rates to ensure everything is correct. 

CAD/AUD introduction

From February 2022, we will introduce CAD (Canadian dollar) and AUD (Australian dollar) as available selling currencies which will allow artists to sell and get paid in these currencies. 

Therefore, if you are a Canadian-based artist and an Australian-based artist and wish to change your selling currency (for artworks prices, the shipping cost, offers, statements and invoices) to CAD or AUD, please email our Support & Operations team at and we'll change it for you. 

Receiving payments in your local currency is always favourable as it may save you money on currency conversion from USD/EUR/GBP to AUD/CAD. 

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