How do I activate Holiday Mode?

Activating Holiday Mode is fairly simple and is a great way of managing the expectations of customers; potential or otherwise. To do so, visit your  Dashboard Icon → Settings → Holiday Mode Schedule holiday.

Next select start and end dates and your reason from the drop-down menu and click Save.

When the date range that you have selected comes to pass, a note will be automatically added to your product pages and to the basket making all customers aware that you will not be able to ship any artworks purchased––nor reply to messages––in that window until you return. They will, however, still be able to view and purchase your works.

Where in my shop will holiday mode be visible?

  1. When a customer visits the product page for one of your artworks, and they click the shipping drop-down tab, they will see a message with the dates that you are away 
  2. When a customer adds one of your artworks to their basket, and you have holiday mode activated, the customer will see a message with the dates that you are away

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