How to be featured in our newsletter

Similarly to our Homepage Promotion, you also have the option to be featured in our Newsletter through paid promotion. 

If selected and once we’ve received your payment, our editorial team will choose one of your artworks for inclusion in a suitable newsletter, which goes out to 200,000 active customers. The format will follow our regular styling as below. 

How much does it cost?

UK based artists: £99 (incl VAT)

EU based artists: €99.17 

US based artists: $119

AU based artists: $160 

CA based artists: $150

(price will be based on the currency of your shop)

Please note a 10% discount applies for Standard Plan subscribers, and a 25% discount applies for Pro Plan subscribers.

How do book it? 

To apply, please go to the Marketing tab in your Seller Portal and click 'Apply now!' in the 'Homepage Promotion' box, in the top right (this is used for both homepage promotion and email placement). 

What is our current placement schedule? 

Email placements dates are released one month at a time. Our current schedule of releasing new dates is as follows:

Upcoming schedule

Request time

Placement time

May 2022 July 2022
June 2022 August 2022
July 2022 September 2022
August 2022 October 2022
January 2023 November 2022
February 2023 December 2022

All requested placements will be scheduled to the earliest availability, or the nearest date possible to your request. You will be able to apply for one email placement per month. 

Please note, Artfinder reserves the right to reject applications if your shop does not meet our minimum feature or artistic quality guidelines. These include international shipping rates to at least the UK, Europe, US and Australia and a minimum of two images for every listing in your shop. 

Please read our guidelines here before applying: Top Tips for Great Listings and Artistic Quality Guidelines.

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