How do I get on the homepage?

Visibility is a key element to achieving sales, and what better way to make oneself visible to our customer base than by a spot on our homepage?

We are constantly receiving feedback that we only promote a select handful of artists and we took that onboard. Our customer base is eclectic and we want to be able to provide as wide a variety of art for them as possible.

Well, we're delighted to announce, that we are now offering the chance to book a 7 day or 14 days paid placement right on the front of Artfinder, which we believe is a way of suiting everyone.

This spot will include an image, editorial and link to your shop and will sit at the top of the page, just below our banner and introduction.

To apply, please go to the Marketing tab in your dashboard and click 'Apply now!' in the 'Homepage Promotion' box, in the top right. 

Please note, Artfinder reserves the right to reject applications if your shop does not meet our minimum feature guidelines. These include international shipping rates to at least the UK, Europe, US and Australia and a minimum of two images for every listing in your shop. Please read our guidelines here before applying:

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