How can I create an invoice for my customer?

Artfinder only acts as an intermediary/agent between buyers and sellers i.e. we provide the platform for connecting both parties and we also collect payments on artists' behalf, which are later passed on to the artist once the order has been completed. Customers are purchasing artworks directly from the sellers via Artfinder marketplace, and therefore it is the artists' responsibility to provide their customers with the invoice for the full value of the artwork if requested (including VAT if applicable).

Therefore, the artwork VAT treatment would depend on the sellers' VAT registration status e.g. what country you are trading from and whether you are registered for VAT.

We do generate a "packing slip" which you are asked to include with the order, as it contains useful information about the customer's right to return and our contact details if they need assistance. However, we do not generate invoices for customers/artists. 

It is a good practice to include the invoice in the package when you ship your artwork. 

If your customer requests a transactional or VAT invoice for the purchase, you may want to ask your accountant to help you with raising it. 

Please find an example of the transactional invoice below. 

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