Seller Best Practice Guidelines

Seller Best Practice Guidelines

Convert visitors into buyers, then keep them coming back for more by following our seller guidelines to deliver a great shopping experience for Artfinder users.

Shop maintenance

  • Only upload one-off original artworks or signed, numbered and limited edition prints to your Artfinder store.
  • Make sure that all listing details are an accurate reflection of the materials and dimensions of the artworks they feature.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing/irrelevant keywords in both the description and the artwork title. Use sporadic keywords that are relevant to the work you created in the description. The artwork title should only be the title, do not add any size, medium or repeated keywords as this is deterring to customers and will be flagged by our Curation Team.
  • Upload 3-5 photographs for each listing that give the best possible feel for the colours and composition of your artwork. All photographs should provide a view of the artwork free from physical obstructions or digital additions, including watermarks.
  • We do not allow the use of watermarks. Using watermarks means the images become unsuitable for promotion on the site e.g. in emails or off-site advertising, therefore greatly limiting an artist's exposure.
  • Keep your shipping profiles up-to-date with quotes which accurately represent your costs. Include duty where applicable and ship with a courier which enables Delivery Duty Paid.
  • Don’t list artworks which violate the intellectual property of others.
  • Keep your prices on Artfinder consistent with those on other outlets through which you sell.
  • If you sell an artwork listed on Artfinder via another channel, update your stock to reflect this as soon as possible.
  • Help buyers to find you - It is vital that potential buyers can find your work, so use SEO best practice to ensure it appears in their searches. Check out the following links for more information:

Order fulfilment

  • Ship artworks within your stated turnover time period.
  • Inform your customer of any potential delays or difficulties as soon as you become aware of them.
  • If you are unable to fulfil an order, contact Artfinder immediately to ensure the customer receives a refund.
  • Respond as quickly as possible to any communication received from customers via the Artfinder messaging system.
  • Ship all artworks via a traceable method of shipment, with duties for international orders prepaid.
  • Ensure that your artworks are packaged sufficiently to withstand potential damage in transit. Please see our Packaging and Delivery Guidelines for more information.

Community participation

  • Ensure that all interaction with fellow Artfinder members is courteous and free from offensive or abusive content.
  • Keep all communications relevant and do not use the Artfinder messaging system or forums for spam or mass promotional activity
  • Do not attempt to move potential sales offline or to another website, and do not exchange personal contact details over the Artfinder messaging system or forums.

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