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Last year, we partnered with our SEO agency to create Knowledge Base articles on how artists can make the most of social media to promote themselves to a wider audience and generate more sales. As a reminder, you can find these guides below:

But did you know social media is also a great way for you to get noticed by us and be promoted? Here are a few tips and tricks on how to engage with us on social and increase the chances of us sharing your content! 

Add Artfinder to your favourites

Are you missing seeing posts from Artfinder in your feed? Instagram have changed their algorithm recently and it’s getting ever harder to see posts you actually want to see. You can get around this by adding @artfinder_com to your 'favourites' (clicking the three dots on the top right of any of our posts) and then you can view your favourites by clicking the top left of your feed.

Tag our handle in your bio

If you tag our handle in your bio as below, we get a notification about that, which is a great way to get our attention. Artists who link to their Artfinder shop in their bio or linktree are more likely to be shared by us. 

Tag us in your stories

Tagging us is great, and we do review all posts that tag us or use the #myartfinder hashtag. However, we see so many artists who post stories tagging several different platforms all in one post. These are unlikely to be reposted as a result. Tag us and only us, and we are much more likely to share!

Use Instagram reels

In a bid to compete with the growing popularity of Tiktok, last year Instagram revealed plans to rival its features by focusing on growing its video product: Reels. Since then users have witnessed an ever changing algorithm and a downward trend of engagement for traditional feed posts like images, carousels and even standard video content.

And whilst the Instagram algorithm still feels like a big secret, what we do know is that Reels are being ranked higher and are proving to be a much more effective way of increasing engagement and reach.

That’s not to say you should ditch your traditional posts, but if you haven’t already you should consider planning in regular reel content. For an opportunity to feature on our grid and expand your reach even further, here’s a list of handy tips from us to consider before you get creating:

1) Have a clear purpose for the reel and don’t over complicate it

This could be a behind-the-scenes of your studio or a look at your creative process.

2) Keep your reels short

Industry specialists platforms such as Hootsuite suggest around 7 to 15 seconds. This is because short reels tend to loop and count as multiple views. The algorithm will then notice that your reel is getting many views and will push it out to more users.

Plus, a shorter reel leaves users wanting more! If users find your content engaging, they will hopefully go on to view some of your other reels, which will encourage the algorithm to see your content more positively, again helping with reach.

Handy tip: look at other similar, successful accounts and their performance based on reel length.

3) Use trending sounds

With audio being a powerful part of the reel experience, using trending/popular sounds can help further your reach. Trending sounds could even give you ideas for reel content, for example this one might be fun for the painters amongst you! To find trending reel sounds, check out the ‘reels’ tab (bottom middle of the screen on mobile) and you’ll know if it's a trending sound if it has this arrow next to it.

4) Create consistent and engaging content

Keep up to date with trending and popular topics (you can do this just by looking through the explore page, the magnifying glass icon on mobile) and make sure you’re planning in regular reels to keep your audience engaged.

The more authentic your content the better, Instagram will not favour any reels that have been reused from your Tiktok account (this will be obvious from the Tiktok watermark) so bear that in mind if you are considering repurposing content.

5) Short and creative captions

Write engaging captions that are short, to the point and feature appropriate/relevant hashtags. Don’t forget to tag #myartfinder for a chance to feature on our grid!

6) Share to your reels and feed

For an additional boost, share reels to your feed and / or your story, as well as the main reels tab so that you give your content the best chance to reach new and bigger audiences.

We hope the above will be helpful in extending your social reach and allow us to notice, promote and feature you more often! 

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