How do I report a bug?

Software can have bugs, even ours (unfortunately)! 

When this happens, we need your help in identifying issues and/or usability problems. We want to work with you all to make Artfinder the best platform there is, so if you notice unexpected errors or behaviour, or simply things don't work the way they should - please report them.

What to do if you find a bug?

For us to be able to look into your problem effectively and dive straight into the issue - we need enough information to not have to go back and forth. Here are some tips on what to do to check if this really is a bug and how to report it.

Has anyone else reported this issue?

Always check the Bug channel on the forum for other posts as someone may already have flagged the issue (our forum is available for existing artists with active shops). This will ensure we do not have tins of threads on the same issue, as it can get in the way of us spotting them or responding in a timely manner. 

If someone has already posted about the issue and you have new information to add, please add a comment on the existing thread.

If you do not see any report of the issue encountered, please create a new thread on the forum so that we can assist you.

Can you reproduce the problem?

Check if you can repeat the problematic behaviour by following the same steps again. Then write down the steps you took to arrive there. It will help us reliably assess the issue and resolve the problem quickly. If you cannot reproduce the problem - it could signal a temporary issue with the Internet connection.

Have you tried another browser or device?

If the issue relates to the way things are displayed - try another browser or device (if you're using mobile, you may also try it on a desktop browser). If you confirm the problem is browser-specific - then please make sure to include the browser name and version in your bug report. 

What information do I need to provide when I report a bug?

Make sure to include as much as possible of the following:

  • the description of the problem
  • steps to reproduce the problem
  • what is the expected behaviour
  • the URL address of the page where the problem happens
  • What browser and operating system you're using (eg. Firefox 36 on Mac OSX 10.8)
  • take screenshots and ensure they show any error message you are receiving, and attach them to your email if you are contacting our support team.


For site-wide issues, we will do our best to resolve this quickly and efficiently, thanks to your reports.

If the issue only affects your shop, we will look into it but there may be some delay in getting this resolved, due to limited resources and prioritisation. For technical issues affecting individual shops, our Tech Team and Support Team as well as our Community Lead will do our best to offer temporary/alternative solutions to you via email or on the forum, until we can effectively resolve your issue. Once the issue is resolved, we will update you on the thread on the forum you reported on or via email.

Please be mindful that our team is always doing their best to resolve issues quickly but may need some time to assess where the problem comes from (it is not always intuitive!), find a solution and apply it. 

We therefore ask for your patience when reporting, and to please not post several chasing posts on the forum for updates or send follow up emails, as it may distract us from working on resolving the issue.

Thank you for your help with this and let us know in the comments on the forum if you have any questions!

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