I have sent my customer the wrong artwork, what should I do?

We understand that mistakes can happen, and there may be an occasion when you have sent the wrong artwork to a customer. If you realise this error while the artwork is in transit, then we would recommend that you try to stop the delivery of the parcel, and have your courier return this to you. Please advise your customer on any possible delays so that they are informed.

Once you have received it back, you will then be able to ship the correct artwork for the customer.

If it is not possible to have your courier stop the delivery, then once the customer has received the artwork, we will be able to arrange a return of the artwork to you. 

The customer may wish to:

  • Receive a refund once the incorrect artwork has been returned to you.
  • Receive the correct artwork. It is important to note that the outbound shipping costs for the correct artwork would need to be covered by you in order to rectify the error of the incorrect artwork being sent to the customer.

It is important to note that the order will be placed on hold until everything is resolved.

If two customers receive artwork intended for the other, please kindly note that you should not be giving either customer information on the other (number, address etc.). Please contact us as soon as you can to advise on what has happened, with the relevant order number for each customer. We will then arrange a collection of the artwork from the customer, to be delivered to the correct customer. 

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