Combined Shipping

Combined shipping for all artworks

It is now be possible to stipulate how many artworks can be shipped together for the same price. For instance, if you state that 3 artworks can be shipped together, then the customer will be charged the cost of 1 artwork to ship up to 3 items from the same shipping table together. This can apply to ALL artworks in the same shipping table, and can apply to artworks of ANY medium, framed or unframed, not just limited edition prints and photography. 

For example, if a combined shipping number of 3 is chosen, up to three artworks can be placed in one parcel, charging the customer the same price for 1, 2 or 3 artworks, provided they are in the same shipping table. Any more than that, and the price of shipping for the customer will go up incrementally for every 3 artworks that are purchased:

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