What is the shipping procedure?

Artfinder does not provide shipping labels at the moment, so it’s up to you as the seller to pack, label and ship your sold artwork in a safe and timely manner.

To help you with the task, see the below tips:

Prepare the package and ship the item as soon as possible.

Ensure this is done within your declared dispatch window. If you need a little more time to sort things out, be sure to set a new expected dispatch date and let your buyer know. To make sure your artwork arrives in one piece, consider packing artworks with bubble wrap and/or other fortified materials. Including a handwritten thank you note, stickers, sweets, business card, and other personal touches is also a fabulous way to show your buyer that you appreciate their business and may even inspire repeat purchase or recommendations.

Follow up with the buyer on shipping details.

Clear communication in all of your interactions with the buyer is key to getting a glowing review.

Ship using a tracked and signed for delivery method.

We recommend you use tracked and signed for shipping whenever possible for peace of mind on both sides of the transaction. This is also required in order to be eligible for Seller Protection as for artworks shipped without tracking you are risking that if it gets lost in transit, we will have to refund the customer in full because we do not have evidence of delivery. Tracking numbers aren’t always free, so remember to take that price into consideration when setting shipping prices.  

Only send the item to the address shown in your sold items list to be protected by Seller Protection.

If the buyer asks you to ship to another address, tell them you will have to refund them, ask them to update their shipping address and then buy the item again. 


Keep your proof of postage.

This way, if something goes wrong with the transaction you will be able to prove the item was sent. Keep in mind that, in order to be valid, your proof of postage needs to contain the buyer’s address and date of shipping.


Follow up.

Make sure that the buyer has received the item and that they're happy with it. It's a nice thing to do, plus it gives you peace of mind that your shipping efforts were worth it.

Here is a list of services that offer tracked shipping:

Royal Mail


These third-party shipping suppliers can handle shipping for you for an additional charge:


Ship Yonder

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