Seller Forum Guidelines

At Artfinder we are proud to have such a passionate global community of sellers with varying knowledge, experience and ideas. We believe in providing you with useful avenues to help you continue to grow as a seller and the Artfinder Forum is designed as a private platform for registered Artfinder sellers to interact. 

Forum Categories
To make it easier for you to find what you are looking for, we have split the forum into sections:
  • Questions – post questions that you would like to hear a specific answer to e.g. how do I add secondary images to my shop?
  • Discussions – is a place to get advice and recommendations. This could be based on your Artfinder shop, business-related maters or perhaps inspirational topics e.g. what brand of oil paint do you like to use?
  • Meet ups - Why not organise or attend a Meet up for sellers in your area? Post your interest here: perhaps you know a local café, pub, town hall or club for the perfect get-together!
  • Bugs – think you have found a problem with your shop or on Artfinder? Report it here and a member of the Artfinder Tech Team will be able to look into it further.

To enable the forum to run as well as possible for the whole community, we do ask you to respect the following:


  • Respond positively, be constructive, inspirational – we are a Community
  • Share inspirations, ask questions, discuss anything art related
  • Respect your fellow sellers’ posts, views and privacy – think before your post
  • Stay on topic - if you want to change subject - consider starting a new discussion


  • Absolutely no trolling will be tolerated
  • Do not post abusive, upsetting or inflammatory comments
  • Do not single out other Artfinder artists, especially those not participating in the discussion
  • Do not post other's personal details or share confidential information
  • Do not forget we want everyone to feel welcome to the forums and enjoy a positive atmosphere

Breaching the rules

  • The Artfinder Team might at any time remove comments and posts if the comments are deemed offensive, disrespectful, and/or in breach of our Terms of Use.
  • The Artfinder Team will try to give sellers who breach the forum guidelines one warning before revoking access. If the guidelines are abused again after the warning was issued - we will revoke the access to the forum for 14 days. For any subsequent breach of the above guidelines we will remove access to forums for an indefinite period.
  • Irrespective of the policy above, the Artfinder Team reserves the right to remove any comments, posts, an/or any user's forum access for any reason at any time.

Happy Posting!

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