Seller Forum Guidelines

Welcome to your Artfinder Forum!

This forum is a private and safe space for you to connect and engage with our worldwide artist community, discuss any art related topic, ask any questions you have about your Artfinder Journey or give us some feedback on how we can help support you even more!

At Artfinder, we are proud to have such a passionate global community of sellers with varying knowledge, experiences and ideas. We believe in a world where art is not an elitist domain and where artists can viably make a living out of their art.

As a result, we have published the below guidelines, to ensure you make the most out of the forum features and so everyone knows how to best communicate with one another:

  • Be respectful: This is the most important aspect of interacting on the forum. People will not always agree with one another, so it is important to always address each other respectfully, to avoid anyone feeling attacked. We are a community and that means we work together, for the benefit of all. If you see someone who is not being respectful in the community (by bullying or abusing anyone in any way) do let us know please, as we will handle it accordingly. This also means no swearing, especially if it is directed to specific users or companies. 
  • Be positive and constructive: Feedback is key to us evolving Artfinder to being the best art community there is. When giving feedback, please try and remain positive and constructive, and give us all the information you feel is needed for us to work on this. Our commitment to you is that every piece of feedback we receive will be considered and discussed, whether it is on the forum or with our wider team. We can’t guarantee all feedback will be actioned, but never be shy of posting for that reason. We want to hear from you!
  • Be patient: This is not always easy, especially when you are dealing with an issue on an order or frustration with technical problems. Please be mindful that, although we do our best to deal with issues as promptly as we can, we are not always able to resolve everything in the moment. Some implementations take time and resources, and we also must prioritise our workload efficiently. Rest assured we are here to help and if you have any suggestions on how we could improve on this, share them with us!
  • Check other posts: Chances are, if you are having an issue on our site, someone else may also, so it’s always good to first check other posts to see if someone already started a thread on the topic. If you cannot find a thread of your topic of choice, start a new one and our team and the community will do our best to assist you! 
  • Stay on topic: Forums can be quite confusing at first, especially for new joiners. Responding to comments is also much easier when the thread is focused on a specific topic only. If you wish to discuss a different topic than the one on the thread, consider starting a new conversation instead. 
  • Treat others like you want to be treated: It’s easy to let frustrations take over and want to openly discuss issues with other community members. Although we strongly encourage openness and honesty, we also don’t want the forum to become a place where specific people are discussed. This means you should not single out other Artfinder artists, especially those not participating in the discussion, or post other's personal details or share confidential information. We will not tolerate abusive, inflammatory or upsetting comments, so always think twice before posting: would I like to receive such a message? If the answer is no, then don’t post it or rephrase it! 

Breaching the rules

  • The Artfinder Team might at any time remove comments and posts if the comments are deemed offensive, disrespectful, and/or in breach of our Terms of Use.
  • The Artfinder Team will try to give sellers who breach the forum guidelines one warning before revoking access. If the guidelines are abused again after the warning was issued - we will revoke the access to the forum for 14 days. For any subsequent breach of the above guidelines we will remove access to forums for an indefinite period.
  • Irrespective of the policy above, the Artfinder Team reserves the right to remove any comments, posts, an/or any user's forum access for any reason at any time.

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines or our community, make sure to post about it on the forum, DM me or pop an email to For any questions related to your orders or Artfinder portal, please contact our Support Team at

You can access our Terms of use here and our Privacy Policy here.Happy Posting everyone! :) 

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